Pathfinder 2-person Inflatable Kayak Review

For those looking for an inflatable kayak that can seat two people comfortably, the RST Marine Pathfinder II 2-Person Inflatable Performance Kayak is worthy of consideration.


The kayak itself seems to be pretty sturdy when fully inflated. It is made from reinforced Denier polyester (but shouldn’t every inflatable kayak be reinforced?) and should do a good job of resisting the cuts and abrasions that are inevitably going to happen to any inflatable device, especially if used on rivers and streams.

The manufacturer says this kayak can handle up to Class III rapids, but we would suggest testing it out on lesser water, such as slow moving rivers and streams before trying it on rapids. The kayak contains two main air chambers, along with an I-beam inflatable floor with a drain plug. This kayak comes equipped with a pump so getting it in the water should only take a few minutes. The two fabric seats are removable, and the two foot rests are even adjustable. As with most of these types of crafts, there is a storage pouch. Actually, there seems to be enough room for extra gear if you have it.


This kayak features two directional “fins” on the bottom for improved handling. The sides of the craft have carrying handles as well. When inflated to the proper air pressure, this kayak stays firm in the water and seems to move quite well. It does not include an air pressure gauge, so be sure to have one handy. This inflatable craft should be able to handle a total of 375 pounds of “cargo”. Push that, however, and you could find that this kayak will lose much of its handling ability. It is a fun kayak, especially for younger riders who are short in stature.


The kayak, out of the box, weighs in at about 36 pounds. It does come with a carrying case, so transporting it immediately comfortably should not be an issue. Many inflatable kayaks do not come with carrying cases, so that is a plus in this case.


Assembly should not be a problem for people of average intelligence, but you can tell that the instructions were written by a Chinese person that had little grasp of the English language. (One would think that the manufacturer would at least find someone to write the instructions who is from the U.S.)


Along with a carrying case, this kayak does come equipped with a pump and paddles, but the quality of these accessories are not A+ for sure. You may be better off getting a pump that has more power, and more sturdy paddles as well.


The Pathfinder II 2-Person Inflatable Performance Kayak is not the cheapest, nor the most expensive inflatable kayak available. It is middle of the road in price. Plan on spending around $300 or so.

The fact that it comes with a pump, carrying case, and paddles is worth something however. Shop around at places like Amazon or even eBay. You may be able to find a better model at, or even lower, than this particular Pathfinder kayak model.