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Arai Are they perhaps the world’s best helmets? We think so.

For over 50 years each and every Arai helmet has been carefully hand constructed, finished and inspected at least 3 separate times before it comes to market (yes, every single one!).

Consistently ranking number 1 in the JD Power Satisfaction survey year after year.

Mr. Hirotake Arai, a hat maker by trade, started his company over 65 years ago. He was an artisan, a craftsman – and a motorcycle rider. Today, Michio “Mitch” Arai, another lifelong rider, runs the company. And his son, Akihito, is now the third generation. If your family name was on your product, how well would you make it?

Arai Helmets uses a proprietary “Super Complex Laminate Construction” technology to produce incredibly light, strong, well ventilated helmets. The ONLY Company to employ three distinct shell shapes to fit different types of heads, Arai’s unique “custom” fit creates the most comfortable and the safest helmet available. In fact Arai Helmets are worn by more Formula 1, Nascar, and Moto GP racers than any other helmet brand – the very same helmets are available on our Hully Gully accessory shelves.

It has been our experience that riders who are Arai owners are Arai owners for life. Arai helmets provide perhaps the best value in motorcycle safety available. Whether you are an Iron Butt competitor riding across the continent or a Sunday afternoon cruiser, your own safety is the best investment you can make.


Inches HatSize -Metric–Equals
21-1/4– 6-3/4– 54—– Small
21-5/8– 6-7/8– 55—– Small
22 ——-7——–56—– Medium
22-3/8—7-1/8—57—– Medium
22-3/4– 7-1/4—58—– Large
23-1/8– 7-3/8—59—– Large
23-1/2– 7-1/2—60—– X-Large
23-7/8– 7-5/8—61——X-Large
24-1/4– 7-3/4—62—– XX-Large

Some of the brand names Arai handles

Arai RX7 Corsair Full Face
Arai Vector
Arai Profile
Arai Quantum 2
Arai XD Helmets
Arai SZ-RAM III Open
Arai SZ/m Open Face
Arai SZ/c Open Face
Arai Classic/c Open Face
Arai Classic/m Open

HullyGully is proud to be Southwestern Ontario Canda’s exclusive Arai Pro distributer Shop. Carrying the full line of Arai models, our staff are ready to find the proper helmet for you and explain the specific features of this unique and exceptional product line.

Arai Helmets, there is a difference !