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Social Media Marketing: Building A Bridge To The Future With Solid Advice/p>

You must take advantage of new and newest ways to use social media marketing techniques before they become ineffective.

Put a Facebook “like” button on the homepage of your website. This makes it easy for readers to “like” your content on the social website. Having this directly on your blog lets your page without having to navigate away from your site. This will give you greater exposure to your site.

You may notice that commercial pages on social media ad pages. It is a clever idea to use attractive images to draw buyers onto your ad. Once they look at your ad, they will be more likely to click through to your site and buy one of your products or services.

Keep in mind that results will not be instant. It takes time to create a viable revenue stream using social media campaign.

Be ready for the negativity associated with using social media. Social media is great when you get praise, but there is also an unfavorable side. Do not turn your back on it but answer them and try to make them happy.

Have patience when using social media site. People must trust what you’re doing and whatever it is you are trying to sell. Take your time and focus on one customer at a good reputation for yourself. In no time you should have tons of customers.

Your website should be tied to your other social networking profiles for increased exposure and a better level of visibility. This is easily accomplished by adding buttons on your site that will let your customers share your content via their own social profiles. These widgets should be on the main page of your website, in blogs posts as well as RSS feeds to help get your consumers to share content that you post.

The tips you’ve read will help make your business a success, and will be able to help you market any future projects, as well. It’s always good to have strong social marketing skills. Make sure you follow the tips listed above in order to pull off a seamless SMM campaign.

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Blackberry Bold 9780- A smart innovation by the most powerful series

Blackberry mobile phones are the perfect examples of the innovative technology and smart business features. The bold series of the Blackberry is revolutionizing the gadget market and users want to have the phones from this series. One of the latest blackberry phones by the brand is Bold 9780 that is achieving an unexpected popularity in UK market. There are numerous mobile phone deals available in market offered by the prominent networks like Vodafone, O2, Orange and three. This is a candy bar device that is very soothing to your eyes as well.

The smart offering Blackberry Bold 9780 comes packed with the large 2.44 inches TFT screen that is capable enough to support 65k colors. The gadget is equipped with the full QWERTY keypad to give you a great experience of sending emails and texts. It has an internal memory storage of 256MB that is expandable up to 32GB. The device will offer you great connectivity through several wireless applications like GPRS, EDGE, WiFi, 3G and much more. It runs with the latest Blackberry OS 6.0 that is compatible with the fast processor to enhance the efficiency of this device.

Users can get this latest offering by Blackberry through the great Blackberry Bold 9780 deals at affordable rates. These deals are quite beneficial and meeting the expectations of users. These days users are following the contract deals where one have to sign a bond period with the network provider by paying the fixed monthly amount for a period. Orange is offering the cheapest contract deal at a monthly cost of 17.56 for 24months. In this deal users are offered with the great offers and free gifts.

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Innovation will Drive Sales

Residential Lighting has until now been driven by housing sales. With the latest numbers about U.S. home sales, products will have to find new drivers and new incentives for consumers to step up. I think that driver will be Innovation.

Lighting, like home furnishings and accessories, wont find business as usual a sustainable direction. Fewer home sales means fewer customers in the market to buy and price alone will not pry that credit card from customer wallets. Makers and sellers alike will be challenged to attract discretionary dollars with new products that offer new, better, more interesting and more –cant live with out- innovation to turn shoppers to buyers.

Wall Sconces Lighting companies have since WWII relied on huge product assortments to attract dealer interest and customer sales. Expanding the range of shapes, finish and styles worked for a long time as makers and retailers continued to expand assortments as the way to entice customers to spend. The world has changed and so has our reality and after a period of over half a century of growth housing sales the market is contracting and so will our model unless we drive demand with innovation. The simple truth is you can’t only take air in.

We are focused on sustainable growth, no small challenge given the state of China’s supply issues and our market condition. We are focused on relevance, innovation and value and not bloating our product offerings to drive the business. I believe that innovation will be the key factor in driving demand. You can expect to see us applying our knowledge, our insight and our design skills toward precise objectives in new ways as our strategy for growth manifests in products born from innovation.

-Relevant design through Innovation- is our mission.-

Innovation Through Accidents And Controlled Chaos

need a new way of thinking about our problems and our future. My
suggestion is the management of paradox, an idea which is itself a
paradox, in that paradox can only be ‘managed’ in the sense of coping
with. Manage always did mean ‘coping with’ until we purloined the word
to mean planning and control.” – Charles Handy, The Age of Paradox

Twain, once said, “name the greatest of all inventors. Accident.” He
was right. Most innovations and breakthroughs come from mistakes,
serendipity, false starts, set backs, and misapplications. Many
innovations were unplanned and unexpected.

At their outset, many
were unrecognized and unwanted. Innovations, breakthroughs, and major
changes often come from unpredictable chaotic, and random events. That’s
why the accuracy record of economists and planners’ confident and
logical-sounding projections and predictions is so abysmal. It’s amazing
how the same people who laugh at fortune tellers often take these
elaborate plans and projections seriously.

Yet when innovative
opportunities knock, many managers are in their backyard looking for
four-leaf clovers. But if someone who can’t count finds a four-leaf
clover, how lucky is he or she? The editor and author, Elbert Hubbard,
observed, “a failure is someone who has blundered, but is not able to
cash in the experience.” Most managers fail to cash in on unexpected

There seem to be two core reasons for that. First,
they don’t recognize the failure, set back, chance event, unexpected
offer, or new wrinkle as a potential innovation they could cash in.
That’s often because they haven’t progressed to the empathic level of
customer and partner listening and understanding. They take the market
or customers at face value. They’re only looking at today’s data or
current performance gaps. These near-sighted managers can’t see beyond
what is to what could be.

A second reason many managers fail to
cash in on unexpected opportunities is because there’s no effective
process for doing so. If it’s not in the official development plans or
budgets the unhatched, potential innovation has no place to incubate,
break out, and grow. That brings us to the innovation paradox: Random,
chaotic, and unpredictable innovations need a stable management system
and process to nurture the growth and development of “lucky breaks.”

a long time student and practitioner of innovation, I still find James
Brian Quinn’s classic Harvard Business Review article one of the most
useful on the topic. The title of the article says it all: “Managing
Innovation: Controlled Chaos.” It’s a perfect description of the
management-leadership balance found in highly innovative teams and
organizations. Controlled chaos aptly describes the unstable and stable,
unplanned and planned process of successful innovation.

Strategic Opportunism and Organizational Learning

universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to
grow sharper.” – Eden Phillpotts, early 20th century English novelist

his article on “Crafting Strategy,” Henry Mintzberg provides a good
insight to how strategies and innovative actions evolve and compliment
each other in top-performing organizations: “Out in the field, a
salesman visits a customer. The product isn’t quite right, and together
they work out some modifications. The salesman returns to his company
and puts the changes through; after two or three more rounds, they
finally get it right. A new product emerges, which eventually opens up a
new market. The company has changed strategic course.”

But in
most organizations that salesman would be told to get back out and “do
his job” by selling the customer the original product or some high
priced add-on or support service. If he did make modifications, he’d be
shot for not following the standardized process. In other cases, he’d be
told to submit a Product Modification Input Solicitation form sending
copies to product development, strategic planning, and three other
committees to review. His regional manager would need a copy attached to
his Call Report explaining where, when, who, why, and how he was
spending each day of his time.

Successful strategies and
innovations that evolve and cash in on unexpected problems or
opportunities are part of a dynamic, organization learning process.
Experiences, expertise, ideas, market and customer shifts, feedback,
input and the like shape the emerging strategies and point the way to
innovation pathways.

Mobile phones- magnificent innovation by the human race

Mobile handset is an electronic device used for two-way radio telecommunication over a cellular network of base stations known as cell sites. Mobile phones are also called mobile, cellular telephone and cell-phone. Many assumes mobile phones as cordless telephones. But which only offers telephone service within limited range through a single base station attached to a fixed land line where mobile phones may go across boundaries. Service providers whether in a fixed or in wireless line plays an major role. In UK the cellular sky is occupied with the network providers like O2, Virgin, Vodafone, Tmobile, Three and Orange. These providers offers best mobile phone deals across the nation.This device provides a user to make or receive telephone calls to public telephone network, fixed-line and international line across the globe. Network service providers connects the request which comes as a signal from the device to a cellular network owned by a mobile network operator. A key feature of the cellular network is that it enables a seamless telephone calls even when the user is on the move.Network service providers in UK has three types of offer for a consumer. Contract, Sim free and Pay as you go even known by the PayG. Pay as you go mobile phones are wide accepted by the customer across UK especially youngster and students. This deals provides a user to control the budget or the amount used in availing network services. .

To be more precise suppose a customer recharges the handset with 20 as credited balance in the account. Then this could be used for a month or may be for a week as per the user requirement and budget. After every used service consumer may check the account balance in payG deals.Login today to the internet if you want to take the advantage of such nice device with better services.Online shopping portals will enable you to do the price comparison.

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Pallet truck scale – innovation through technology

Technology and innovation go hand in hand. Although innovation preceded technology as we know it, by a very long time, it would now appear as though each is the driving force behind the other. As technology advances new opportunities to innovate emerge and as innovations take place ultimately a new technical approach sometimes reveals itself.

A pallet truck scale is innovation working for you. With the arrival of a digital scale it became possible to have a light and compact weighing system that could easily be mounted on a pallet truck. This meant that the object to be weighed did not need to be placed on the platform of a weighing scale to just record the weight. The weight could now be recorded as the object was being moved on the pallet truck. Since the movement was required in any case it was now no longer necessary to have a separate routine to weigh the object. And this innovative idea led to saving time and effort that would have been required for the special procedure of placing the object on a weighing scale to record the weight.

A great innovation is one that pays for its cost easily by giving significant savings that are realized in a relatively short period of time. Therefore even if the legacy weighing scale is still in a good condition investing a pallet truck scale makes sense because the savings that will result will justify the expense.

A great innovation gives some obvious benefits and some not so obvious ones which you will realize when you will starting using pallet truck scales for your operations. For example not only do you save on time and effort you also save on space because now you will not need a separate area where a scale can be placed and the weight of the objects be measured.

Pallet truck scales are available in a wide range and you should be able to find one that matches your needs. Since digital scales have been around for a long time they have now proven themselves to be rugged and capable of delivering a great performance over a long period of time. You can see the latest pallet truck scales at

About Author :

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Virgin Mobile Phones New beginning of innovation

Virgin is not just a leading and renowned network but is also a hub of latest and stunning mobile phones. Virgin works in collaboration with T-Mobile, to give away an uninterrupted network connectivity. Virgin mobile phones are the efficient and innovative mobile phones, which have altered the ways for articulation of feelings. Virgin contract mobile phones are backed up by latest configurations of updated software and hardware versions, awesome big mega pixel camera, huge storage capacity, amazing touchscreens and many more.

The mobile phone deals on cheap Virgin phones have brought a wide range of options, where the mobile users will be accomplished with the best of inexpensive handsets. So now it’s no more a burden to go for these latest handsets and that too in an economical and competitive manner. Virgin phones are available in the market along with number of complimentary gifts on these stunning widgets. With the contract deals on these awesome handsets, you can explore out the the best way to go for unlimited long call durations with your loved ones, so that you can make out the best of the communication means.

You can search out on price comparison portals for the best of the schemes on Virgin phones, so that you can go for an economical channel of conversation. The freebies like unlimited text and talk time, instant cashback, free handset connection, laptop, digital camera and many more have added in the attraction of the customers for these unmatched handsets. The deals on O2 network has been very much attractive for the O2 customers, as the network has given out unmatched and attractive deals on these peerless handsets.

Virgin has always served the users with the highest level of satisfaction as well as also values your hard earned assets, thereby giving you out the cheapest mobile phones deals. Hence it’s no more a big concern to go for any of these handsets, as you are given complete information on mobile comparison portals.

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Desktop 3D Printer – Latest Technology Innovation at Your Fingertips

Just as smaller and more powerful computers capable of
performing millions of operations inseconds have become the hallmark of
computational evolution, 3D printing or additive manufacturing has also
come a long way since its inception back in the year 1986 by Charles
Hull. End users are now in a position to benefit from the long period of
evolution 3D printing technology has gone through

A large number of designers and artists are now
using desktop 3D printer machines to develop concept models. They are
saving both time and money while constantly improving their creations.
There was a time when businesses had to wait for weeks to have the molds
prepared by skilled professionals. Now they can almost instantly create
such models by using a desktop 3D printer

You can start
producing desired components of a project on this printing machine and
check their forms, fit, and function within a short period of time

all these tests can help you speed up the process of finalizing a
design with little or no flaws at all. You can continue to make
considerable improvements and adaptations to your models of various
components in an easy way

Trying out various 3D models before
getting started on actual production is certainly an advantage anybody
who’s serious about dominating the market should not ignore

is a well-accepted fact that various 3D objects joined together may or
may not behave exactly the way they should according to common theory or
other accepted principles. A large number of companies and industry
leaders spend time, money and resources on research and development for
the same reason

To make sure all models work in a pre-determined way, companies are now relying on desktop 3D printers

such a machine, you are in a position to create a top quality three
dimensional model that can be showcased at just about any exhibition.
Convincing a team of professionals or even common people can be very
easy once you are able to put your ideas and innovations in motion by
using a desktop 3D printer, Now, you can have this great innovation
right at your fingertips by purchasing a desktop 3D printer.

Incubation to Drive Invest Bhubaneswar’ Arindam Dutta Expert, Innovation & Incubation

Incubation is surely not an industry. Today we are looking at Innovation, Incubation and Growth. One follows the other in perfect harmony. We need this engine to Drive -Invest Bhubaneswar’.

We all know what -Incubation’ means. What is not so obvious is its application in Building Enterprise. Let us look at the present scenario here in the state of Odisha, and the resources that are available here in Bhubaneswar.

The capital of Odisha – Bhubaneswar – famous across the country for the divine Lingaraj Temple is today a planned city with excellent academic, R&D and Health care Institutions. It is conveniently connected by rail, road and air to all state capitals.

Bhubaneswar traditionally has been a national and international tourist transit point, for travel to Puri, Konark, Chilka and other historical and natural tourist spots. Historically the empire Kalinga and emperor Ashoka are known to every Indian. Odisha is endowed with natural mineral resources and fantastic bio-diversity.

With such resources in our disposal why are the educated youth shying away from Building their own Enterprises. There is certain apathy of the educated youth in not getting involved in traditional farming[1]. They would prefer jobs. As James D. Wolfensohn[2] said —.They said to me what I’ve heard in so many places : we need jobs, we need opportunity—‘ and he goes on to say in the same talk that the youth told him -Mr. President, we want you to know that we are not the future, we are the now.’

The question that stares us today right here, what can we, and should we do for the youth here today at Bhubaneswar?

Let us not get into the clich of job creation through major investments. Such investments are a continuous process and such job creations would continue and grow. But does it answer the questions posed above?

Our youth especially those that have gone through a structured higher education program are intelligent and pretty savvy about the world and markets that are evolving elsewhere. As a corollary they are pretty updated on technology. Look at the growth of mobile telephony, computers and its popularity in the youth.

The last decade and a half have brought to the fore a class of youth who are entrepreneurial. They do not hesitate in taking risks. They are not looking for safe, cushy jobs.

Unfortunately they lack two major inputs – MONEY & MENTORS. There are huge opportunities[3] in Bhubaneswar and its hinterland – Agri-biotech, hospitality, health-care, IT, Tourism and others.

Money – These start ups are not looking for hand outs. I have over the past 12 years interacted with multiple start ups. All need some one to hand hold for at least a couple of years. But they have never asked for money as loan to tide over a crisis. And start ups needlessly to say go from one crisis to another in the first few years.

These guys have a strong sense of pride. Yet like all of us when they see and read as to how people have got away with large loans from banks, they feel let down that in spite of government schemes and priority sector lending etc they are stymied. It’s frustrating.

The ones I have personally interacted with have pooled a reasonable amount of their own resources. They find it extremely difficult to convince commercial banks for funds. They are not so adapt in creating the right sounding project documents that banks desire, those that established companies produce at the drop of their hat.

They are business wise nave. Either they ask for funds that look large which they cannot justify, or are so conservative that they indicate needs that seem paltry compared to their project.

As a consequence, the concerned authorities[4] remain unconvinced. How can one surmount this problem?

Incubator – the answer lies in having an incubation facility. We shall discuss later in this article about its structure. What will such a facility provide to these knowledge entrepreneurs?

1.A physical space to kick start his operation
2.The space so given will be for a limited time for a nominal rent.
3.It ought to provide all back office (Tel, Xerox, Meeting rooms, cafeteria etc) facilities for a nominal fee.
4.A mentor. We shall deal with this subsequently.
5.A formal network with most R&D and academic institutions in the state and also in the country

The facilities mentioned are standard across the globe. What is the key to a successful Incubator?

1.A advisory board comprising of Academia, established Entrepreneurs, state government representatives, leading bank’s representatives and CEO of the Incubator.
2.This board ought to form groups to screen probable incubates.
3.A few members from the board can become Mentors
4.As a thumb rule the mentor can handle up to 3 start ups.

Mentor -who can be a mentor?

1.The person must be one who is acceptable to a young team of start ups. This is very important.[5]
2.He must ideally be a first generation entrepreneur[6]. He should be able to relate easily to their needs. Ms. Sudha Murthy[7] gave Rs.10000 as initial capital to Infosys, at a time the sum was pretty handsome. We want the mentor to help support another Infosys in Odisha.
3.He needs to be compensated for his efforts in such a company. The board needs to evolve structures towards such appointments that are transparent and acceptable to the start ups.
4.Finally, the mentor has to be a person of impeccable integrity.

In conclusion, what is it that the Incubator helps in providing to the city of Bhubaneswar and Odisha? Innovation, Entrepreneurship leads to Growth and creates Wealth. We are looking at an eco-system where every year numbers of qualified youth of the city and the state, shall start enterprises. These enterprises in turn will employ other qualified youth. These start ups shall become the engines of employment in the city and state in years to come. Since the entire initiatives will be lead by persons outside the government – by the people and for the people , the probability of long term success is high. Such initiatives will not change owing to change of political structure.

This entire article is not about -how to do business’. Business has been a part of civilization over the millennia. We are trying to focus on our youth in the Knowledge environment, where his mind is the capital that he brings to the table.

It’s a Win-Win situation. All that is needed is a Hand to hold the Toddler till he is ready to walk!!!!

[1] Punjab has given the lead in gentlemen farmers. These are educated people who have brought in scientific techniques in farming which amongst others help conserve soil, water and increase yield. [2] James D. Wolfensohn President The World Bank Group Teen Murti, New Delhi, India, November 17, 2004 [3] During my assignment at Bhubaneswar (07-08) I had come across quite a number of start ups in these areas. I have met talented scientists specially in areas of plant biotechnology who with some support would surely expand their ventures. [4] The dealing career officer, nowhere in the country (with exceptions) has a clue on such knowledge enterprises. [5] I have noticed in my various assignments in academic incubators, the institute tries to impose these people. One has to remember that these guys are not looking at a First Class degree. They are concerned about their livelihood towards which they have invested precious time and their last penny. [6] Many successful young business men who claim that the business idea was his and that he struggled to make it profitable, actually was a part of a family business. It is very common in business families to provide cash, services and support to the youngsters in the family. There is nothing wrong with the process. On the contrary, one sees some women from these families in the forefront. But my point is they are not the majority start ups we intend to support. I am not saying that the start ups from such families should not be supported. If the board decides on a case to case basis so be it. But the majority of start ups do not have these support structures available from their families. [7] Excerpts from an interview given to CNBC-TV18

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Voice biometric- an innovation to Enhance Security

With the expansion of protection techniques, the protection
breaking technological innovation is also enhancing. That has made the
regulators to go to even higher and more powerful safety measures, which
are close to strong. There are a lot of modern technologies for strong
protection but the voice verification is certainly the most powerful. In
simple words this is one technical innovation that uses human
interaction with the advanced level of technical programs, managed by
computer systems, to figure out the validity of a individual demand,
like watching data, starting storages, and many more activities that
have security problems expanded to them. With this technical innovation,
the automated connections will be designed to examine an individual
demand by using the designed procedure to examine voice as every person
has unique a voice and it is hard to copy someone’s voice using the
system to identify if the authorization for demand is approved or not.

This technology has many different kinds of systems
that are used to determine certain requests for authorization.
Preliminary innovation in biometric is the fingerprint technology. For
this, the program requires you to press your thumb against the
fingerprint plate, and the print will be matched with the database to
authorize or deny the request. Apart from this, there are voice
authentication, iris recognition, palm recognition, and other

This technological innovation can be used in various
securities to figure out certain demands for permission. The very basic
technological innovation is the finger or thumb impression. For this,
the machine asks you for your thumb impression against the dish, and the
impression will be matched with the data source to approve or refuse
the demand. The most advances technological innovation used for this
kind of security system is voice biometrics. This technology works on
the voice of a person To join the system, the customer makes a
‘voiceprint’ by discussing a certain set of words. The voiceprint is as
unique to the customer as their iris, made up of 32 different components
of the person’s conversation pattern, both behavioral and
physiological. It is used as the electronic reflection of their speech
and as a standard of comparison when they call later on. When a customer
wants to get into the business program, they simply repeat their
passphrase. If the system suits their speech to the saved voiceprint,
they are provided access their private information and records.

Uniphore introduces this voice technique in India that serves its
purpose considerably that enables certain people to access certain areas
and information. This will restrict the visibility of important info to
a higher level stage, and protected it in a way that is identified as

Voice Biometrics increases functional security for
companies and enhances customer experience. When companies employ
business flexibility solutions to link with their customers and workers,
it significantly decreases the costs and threats associated with
distant verification