After Sales Service – Benefits Of After Sales Cloud Processes

Numerous sales staffs are not able to comprehend the immediate ROI that might accrue to an organization through a sound after sale service. Most employers are of opinion that post the sales procedures and commissions spent, any further time contributed to a customer or client is a waste of valuable time. They think that the sales staff is not gaining remuneration to retain a customer. However, effective after sales follow ups lead to grater profits and revenues.

Market analysts harps on the significance of an efficient after sales service process at work. As a sales staff is following up with client(s), he is delivering more value than the client has paid for. This very aspect would result in increased referrals, word of mouth promotion, greater business, and sales. Business consultants suggest three important steps:-

Continue selling
Work up to playing a chief role when a customer/client meets any issue with account management
Try to be accessible 24×7 for customer inquiries

Concisely, after sales service refers to running and organizing the products after selling them and dealing with client behavior. Today, numerous organizations have come up with after sales service solutions by using cloud processes. They render users a competitive advantage. As a result, your company would own a greater market share. Other benefits include reduced after-sales related overheads on products and services and better customer retention. Ten essential components of after sales cloud process are:-

Master data management
Business process network
Business process rules and business process management
Cloud process systems dedicated to end-user members
Performance management
Cloud process hosting
Cloud process customization
Process improvement services
Information management and monitoring
Third party best-of-breed cloud brokering

In addition to that, there are certain advantages that a company would witness from after sales solutions using cloud processes. They are-

Approximately 68 percent of returns are free of technical faults
Lead time minimized by 20 to 50 percent
Improved customer satisfaction
Cost reduction of 10 to 50 percent
Improved control

In the recent times, the market scenario is competitive where each brand or organization wants to make great profits and leave a mark. A sound after sales service procedure guarantees increased sales returns as well as greater customer maintenance.