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Innovation will Drive Sales

Residential Lighting has until now been driven by housing sales. With the latest numbers about U.S. home sales, products will have to find new drivers and new incentives for consumers to step up. I think that driver will be Innovation.

Lighting, like home furnishings and accessories, wont find business as usual a sustainable direction. Fewer home sales means fewer customers in the market to buy and price alone will not pry that credit card from customer wallets. Makers and sellers alike will be challenged to attract discretionary dollars with new products that offer new, better, more interesting and more –cant live with out- innovation to turn shoppers to buyers.

Wall Sconces Lighting companies have since WWII relied on huge product assortments to attract dealer interest and customer sales. Expanding the range of shapes, finish and styles worked for a long time as makers and retailers continued to expand assortments as the way to entice customers to spend. The world has changed and so has our reality and after a period of over half a century of growth housing sales the market is contracting and so will our model unless we drive demand with innovation. The simple truth is you can’t only take air in.

We are focused on sustainable growth, no small challenge given the state of China’s supply issues and our market condition. We are focused on relevance, innovation and value and not bloating our product offerings to drive the business. I believe that innovation will be the key factor in driving demand. You can expect to see us applying our knowledge, our insight and our design skills toward precise objectives in new ways as our strategy for growth manifests in products born from innovation.

-Relevant design through Innovation- is our mission.-

Lady Mobile Phones – Good Gifts For Your Loved Girls

The young are always the followers of the fashions, especially the girls. Therefore, as the most ordinary things, china mobile phone can be seen in nearly every peoples hand. Ladies have also chosen theirs according to their favors. Thus, phones for ladies from ePathChina are also different.
1.Silvery white Princess

Silvery white color is always considered as the Princess among all colors. You will find nobleness and elegance from this silvery white phone. Smooth touch, generous and terse appearance predestines its out of common. Lady mobile phones refers to the ladies who are from good families.
2.Cold Mirror Surface Sexy Lady

Cold mirror surface makes this phone look like a sexy lady in the bar, who just drink a glass of red wine and not talk to anyone. Contradictory elegance and depravation seize your eyes the first you see it. Just like a mystery which waiting you to solve it.
3.Bright Red Simplicity Beauty

This bright red phone seems to be the girl who just entered the university, who is full of simplicity beauty. The clear screen and hello kitty appearance make it half cute and half intellectuality. Slide design help operate more convenient.
4.Cute and Lovely Little Girl

Pink color is always the teenage girls favorite. Not too much added functions is similar to the little girls simple thought. Butterfly-shaped buttons and four bright colors both present the dew of youth. Cute cartoon pattern on the back also shows the lovely truth of it.
So among these four different types of cheap mobile phone, which one do you like best?

Beware Scam And Fraud When Ordering Marble Granite Stone Directly From China

Granted, in the past few years, China has become an important exporting country for marble, granite and other natural stone products. It is little doubtful that China is capable of supplying high quality and low cost building and carving stones due to its low labor costs, rich natural stone resources and internationally recognized traditional workmanship.

There are many excellent marble granite fabricators and stone carvers in China. However, a large portion of stone products have been imported to the States by various exporters in China, although they claim “factory direct”. Among these exporters, some are large firms, some are one-man business and some even do not exist at all.

With fast growing of international trade, more and more stone dealers, contractors and even homeowners have been ordering or trying to order stone products directly from sources located in China. Most people believe by doing so they would get much better deals comparing to buying from a vendor in the States. That might be right to certain extent. However, this could expose a buyer to great financial risks as the buyer has very few leverages on a transaction conducted between two countries. I have heard of many undesirable experiences and disastrous stories associated with ordering stone products directly from China.

I am not trying to be scary. The situation is indeed true and the incidents are absolutely not isolated. Let’s first review the ordering process that most international trades would follow.

As the first step, you will search for a number of stone suppliers in China through Internet. You don’t know anything about them other than whatever they advertised themselves. Then you obtain a number of comparison quotes for the stone products you are in the market for and decide to deal with one of them. Then you sign a sales agreement with the supplier and wire transfer a deposit (typically 30-50%). After the deposit fund leaves your bank, the only things you can do are waiting for production to be completed in China and, praying for the order to be shipped on time and in conformity with what you specified. Finally, you have pay for the full balance before the shipment is delivered to your site.

The problem is right here – you will virtually lose control of the ordering process after sending the deposit oversea. The supplier that took your deposit may choose to proceed in the following three ways:

1, They will produce and deliver your marble granite order as per the terms in the sales agreement. This would be an ideal result with a happy ending. You get what you need with great savings.

2, They will produce and deliver your order in an inferiors way. This scenario happens quite often. For example, different marble granite and other natural stone materials have significantly different costs. Using the materials with lower costs will generate additional profits for them. When you receive the shipment and find out what you get is not what you wanted, what can you do? Basically nothing. They have your money. They may choose to do anything or nothing. Even if the discrepancy is discovered before the order is shipped, you will still find yourself in a difficult situation. You may ask them to redo the order, but the chance is rather slim. You may cancel the order and demand a refund of the deposit, haha, canceling order is okay; getting money back? good luck. Here is a real story. I know a buyer who paid over $2000 to buy a precious “jade vase”. When the shipment arrived, she discovered the vase was made in regular “onyx”, which has a value of less than $200. What a loss!

3, They will grab your deposit, close bank account and disappear completely. They may change the business name and do the same trick again and again. But you will never be able to track them down. This group of “suppliers” are running scam business and have caused significant financial losses to American consumers.

Therefore, buyers should be extremely cautious when ordering marble granite and stone products directly from the suppliers in China. Here are some important tips.

1. Always do some comprehensive researches on the background of potential suppliers in China. This may be difficult to do, but you must do. You may request trade references from their existing customers in America. You may also contact local chamber of commerce in the city where the supplier is located to validate their business nature and credit history.

2. If you order is large enough, you may want to pay a visit to China before finalizing the order to meet the supplier(s) in person and to see their manufacturing facilities.

3. Make sure to have all specifications included in the sales agreement, the more detailed the better. Also make sure to state “no substitue material allowed” in the agreement.

Let me give you an example. Italian White Carrara is a well-known marble with high value. There is also a type of white marble quarried in China, namely Beijing Off-white marble or Hanbaiyu, that can have very similar color and textures to the Italian White Carrara. Many suppliers in China, especially carving stone vendors, often use Beijing off white marble to replace Italian White Carrara and argue that Beijing Off White Marble is also called “white Carrara” in English. The problem is that the cost of Hanbaiyu is only fraction of Italian White Carrara. How to avoid this type of trick? Easy, make sure to include “Italian” before “white carrara” and indicate “Chinese version of the material” will not be accepted.

Similar situations also exist in granite colors. For example, there are two versions of “Emerald Green” granite. One is quarried in China and the other has an European origin. They are quite different in terms of texture and price.

3. Try to use “letter of credit” (L/C) as the form of payment. It is the fairest transaction methods for both seller and buyer. Both parties are financially protected if they are determined to fulfill respective obligations as set forth in the sales agreement.

4. Stop and think again when you see a quote containing prices that are too low to believe. Most scam businesses tend to use extremely low prices to attract buyers or more accurately, the deposits.

5. When comparing the quotes you received, make sure to compare apple to apple. Suppliers in China like to use some vague pricing or delivery terms in their quotes so they can impose hidden charges, i.e., increase your costs, later.

For example, you will be surely happy with total costs of $3000 for shipping a container from China to Buffalo, New York, including ocean and land freight, duty and port charges. But wait, there is a line in small letters, saying “shipping costs are estimate only”. As the commonly used trade term is FOB, or Free On Board, you as a buyer are responsible for all logistics related expenses anyway; a supplier can quote anything to make their grand total appear competitive. How much truth in that $3000 estimate? Almost none. But I have seen this figure in many quotes sent out from suppliers in China. The average value of a container load of granite and marble is right around $30,000. The duty alone will be almost $1500. Therefore, when comparing the quotes, make sure to compare the costs of goods only, unless what they quoted is “CIF” (costs, insurance and freight, in contrary to FOB) “to-door” delivery.

6. It is strongly recommended to place your order with an accredited marble granite stone importer in the States who is dealing with manufacturers in China directly. You may need to pay little bit more (5-15%) for your order, but this certainly will save you lots of hassles and mostly importantly, your financial risks will significantly reduced.

Chinese Lingerie And Intimate Wear Industry Market Overview

Lingerie industry is in a state of intense competition. Fashionable and price friendly lingerie’s are sold by the manufacturers while global brands are looking for new markets. International specialty brands are at their wings; seeking entry into emerging markets for future growth. Current global market for lingerie’s rose by 2.6% to $29.92 billion USD from 2004 to 2007, while clothing prices dropped down by 4%. China, as an emerging market has seen a growth rate of 8.1% during the same time. Fast fashion retailers are now offering fashionable intimate apparels at lower prices and are undertaking hardcore marketing efforts to sustain their brand image in China. On the other hand, China itself is a major exporter of apparels to the global market at competitive prices.

Chinese Lingerie Market:

Chinese lingerie market is a dynamic sector. Their market structure is composed of many national and international brands, and intimate apparels are brought in by many countries; names unknown to the consumer.
The country’s lingerie market is a fast moving one, and there is a drastic change during the recent past. The lingerie market is estimated to be of a total value of 2 billion euros, and industry experts predict a further positive increase of 20% every year. The country is the third largest for luxury consumption, and is assumed by the market leaders to catch up with the position of Japan in the next 10 years. China is a key player in fabric industry, having good potential for creation and consumption. Major lingerie players in China have reassessed their market positions, and are now closing the knowledge gap to become ‘low cost’ producers.

Integral Apparel in the Wardrobe of Chinese Women:

As Chinese lingerie manufacturers eye the global market, rest of the world eyes China. Shanghai is in the forefront of the lingerie boom. Lingerie is progressively becoming one desirable item in the wardrobe of Chinese women. A survey states that an average Chinese woman spends 8% of their fashion budget on lingerie annually. Though 8% appears to be meager, China is populated with 503 million women and the huge numbers are promising. From lavishness, luxury lingerie’s have now become a wardrobe necessity. A lingerie industry survey states that Chinese population consists of more than 200 million women in the age limit of using lingerie, the annual consumption would go beyond 600 million pieces, reaching a sales figure of 15 million RMB.

Exports-The Lacy Lingerie Race:

Encompassing promising prospects in the global market, lingerie industries in China are actively seeking opportunities to expand its domestic market overseas. On an average, the country exports around 4 billion pieces of lingerie; annually. They export intimate wears mainly to France, US, Japan, and Europe. Export of Chinese bras rose as high as 10.5 million; i.e., 93% after the EU ended a 40 year quota system. China enjoys a good market in US as a lingerie exporter. Its performance is on a high base capturing 25% of exports to US. Despite the restrictions on US exports to China, the communist giant is expected to become the third largest exporter to US. China, enfolded with continuous enhancement in technology, makes it a cost effective destination for other countries to have their production base offshore. China along with India is projected to increase its global market share by $100 million USD each in the next few years.

Leading Intimate Wear Hubs:

The city of Shenzhen is considered as the ‘fashion capital’ of China. It is a pedestal of domestic and foreign intimate wears, designing, R&D, and manufacturing of lingerie’s. The economic benefits acquired and the market size favor Shenzhen and draws continuous attention of the investors. Many popular brands sold in the global market are being exported from the Pearl River Delta, especially Shenzhen. The ‘Sun Hing Group’ who manufacture 70% of its lingerie accessories in Asia, the ‘YKK’, a fortune 500 company, and ‘Regina Miracle’ all have their manufacturing base in Shenzhen. The city has a perfectly formed industry chain starting from design to production, marketing, and sales both at the domestic and export level. A renowned lingerie brand has launched its outlet in Shenzhen especially because of its cluster effect which will enhance brand promotion and boost sales. Two of the popular Chinese lingerie brands come from Shenzhen, and almost 10 internationally reputed lingerie brands have their production base here. Topform, Calvin Klein, Triumph, Regina Miracle, and Victoria’s Secret are a few to name. Embry Form, Xusany, Venies, Ordifen etc are a few domestic brands, having their manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen and enjoy a nation wide reputation.

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Projector Telephone – Most recent Innovation in the Mobile World

Samsung raises intensity of their megapixel digital camera and make a prime class cellular camera having five megapixels, which is included in new Samsung i7410. Now, there are broad ranges of superior resolution digital camera phones into the market and users have tons of preference to choose their following Samsung cellular phone. Samsung functions on quite a few technologies simultaneously, so that their supposed consumers can get wager in their newest or approaching cellular phones.

With the enable of this Samsung i7410 telephone, observing of films &amp photographs gives thoughts-blowing expertise to its consumer, due to the fact you can watch your stored movies on any flat surface that enables extra people today to take pleasure in films and Television with single device. It’s a effective cellular mobile phone of Samsung, that never been talked &amp designed, it’s to begin with of its form.rm.

Samsung i7410 supports 3G &amp video calling and would make it most effective buy company course cell phone. Mobile phones with in-made projectors give your personality a distinctive appear, a little something executive sort, given that it is capable of exhibiting your PowerPoint presentation straight from your handset rather than applying normal projectors.

Yet another noteworthy specification of Samsung’s i7410 includes stereo FM radio, multimedia player and TouchWiz interface. These are some common attributes of this Samsung cellular, which now-a-days comes in virtually all most up-to-date phones.

This PJD5122 is a excellent price purchase for anyone requiring a practical light-excess weight and compact little cellular projector.

Utilising SVGA picture resolution which supports Hd signals, up to 120Hz frame rates, and with 2500 lumens, this projector makes vibrant, vibrant pictures on your show display in a variety of varied light settings. Texas Instruments’ BrilliantColor technology ensures that your photos are the finest that they could be. A short while ago I was at a get together in Boston with a buddy of mine and a fellow party guest was telling me about a trip that he and his spouse had taken to the Hampton’s. We had the two been to the Hampton’s and stayed in a similar location but I couldn’t recall the name. He abruptly whipped out his cellphone and I figured he would demonstrate me the picture on a teeny little cellular display screen, which I had become accustom to. Rather to the contrary, he had a projector cellular cell phone which projected the image onto the white wall behind. Instantly a lot of get together friends joined into our conversation and my get together mate was confused with all the concerns to the position that we in no way really figured out where I had stayed. This led me to compose an addition on projector cell phones. These devices are very new technological know-how and it is simple to feel of all the ways that this can be impressive.

A man or woman with a projector mobile phone can project an image or video clip on any flat surface. It can be projected on the wall, the ceiling, the ground and many others. This has sensible as perfectly as pleasurable applicatons. People today occasionally use these mobile phones while in home business presentations.

Generally these phones are made in China. They are quite good top quality and in addition to the projection technological innovation the phones are also completely operating phones with quite a few other features.

The writer has been a profitable web marketing specialist and subject material developer for around fourteen many years and gives their contributions to us graciously.

Mobile Projector,

Learn More About Internet Marketing From The Gamit Freelancer.com Seo Project Reviews

Internet marketing has been happening for a while and it is all set to rule the ad space in the years to come. I have stitched together some data that clearly indicates that going online in their marketing efforts is the least the organizations of today need to do. What they also need to do, of course, is find the right partner for their foray into the online ad space. Go through the Gamit Freelancer.com SEO project reviews and you will find why so many organizations consider Gamit as their ideal SEO partner.

Internet marketing, as we all know, is the use of the internet for marketing purposes. Even a couple of years ago online marketing was limited to PCs and laptops. But now with more people buying smartphones and tablets this form of marketing has increased its boundaries and now we hear more about mobile marketing too.

Facebook now is only second to China in terms of number of people under it. Now if someone doesnt use the power of Facebook for their online marketing wouldnt it be a crazy idea? Then there are other social media websites that have millions of registered users. Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Linkedin, Pinterest and WordPress are websites that together have more than a billion registered subscribers. 70% of all marketers now say that they are going to increase their spends on online and mobile marketing. If you havent joined their ranks yet then this is the right time.

Also look at the cost perspective. Online marketing gives you at least 75% saving when compared to the traditional modes of advertisement. And what you also have is a wider reach because you are not limited to a country but you are able to reach out to the global economy. The latest Nielsen Global Online Survey has revealed that 85% of all people using the internet have made an online purchase in the last 2 years. This figure amounts to roughly 875 million people worldwide. If you dont reach out to these people through internet marketing now then when will you? With so much information available on the Gamit Freelancer.com SEO project reviews it is about time you started.

The advantages of internet marketing simply cannot be ignored. You get enough information as you go through the Gamit Freelancer.com SEO project reviews but even if you dont read enough the advantages are there for you to see. We have already talked about a wider reach and a saving in cost. The other advantages include the ability to reach out to your target audience and help close sales quickly. You can also use the strategies easily because you have result oriented potential partners like Gamit. And not only that you can also measure how successful your campaign has been. This is a big boost from the strategic point of view.

Today you cannot ignore internet marketing because it is here to stay. Go through the Gamit Freelancer.com SEO project reviews for more information on this form of marketing and how people benefit from it.

Microblogging Marketing, The New Chinese Internet Marketing Strategy

The same with other countries people in the world, Chinese people like to join social networking to communicate each other more and more. By the end of April, 2011, the registered users of Sina microblogging has exceeded 140 million. So you definitely will not neglect the function of microblogging in Chinese internet marketing strategy.

Undoubtedly, microblogging is changing the traditional way of information transferring. Now in China, Sino microblogging has become the first major platform for interactive, personalized, and sharing information.

As a new marketing method, microblogging marketing is much different from traditional marketing and advertising. The professional internet marketing company will pay more attention to communicating with internet users and dig the real value of products. The experts will create brand marketing value, and implementing customers initiative. They will study the behavior and interests of customers. Based on this, they make social networking marketing strategy solution to increase brands value. By persisting and progressive communication, help brand set up long term and stable relationship with customers, so as to realize the value of the depth level of communication.

Of course, an experts and professional company is needed for your microblogging strategy in China market. First step, you have to localize your products or services contents into Chinese language. The experts will study your contents carefully and create unique Chinese-language strategy tailored to your target customers. Second step, the experts will follow your new contents add and changes, whenever your blog contents, products listing or anything else changed, the change will be translated into Chinese in time and to be available by Chinese visitors. The third, expanding number of your target visitors and potential customers. The professional company will interact with those people who are interested in your products and services. Some of them will become your followers and you will have thousands or even more microblog users following your account. And the contents of your Chinese blog will be forwarded by the followers rapidly.

The last and most important point is that you can get the most directly and useful information from visitors and customers. To be foreign supplier, maybe you are not so confident of your service and products in China market. Through the message and comments left on the blog by online visitors, the professional China SEM service company will let you know the customers feedback quickly. You can adjust and improve your products and services according to Chinese habits and interests, thus your services and products will be more competitive and influential in China market.

What is your next step to expanding your business in China? The powerful influence and outstanding results will be surely expected through microblogging marketing .

High-end Luggage Marketing Strategy

In 2005, the luggage and bag manufacturers are tens of thousands, a total of 865 above-scale enterprises. From the regional distribution, the South and East China is the main distribution zone. Sub-provinces (municipalities / autonomous regions), it seems, the first eight provinces (municipalities / autonomous regions) in Guangdong and the Yangtze River Delta (Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang) as key areas. China’s major industrial parks bags in Guangdong Province, the Yangtze River Delta, and Hebei.
Production and export of bags in China is big country, but serious deficiencies in the embarrassing situation of the brand. Big but not strong, neither the design nor content of brand value, is a major weakness of China luggage. China’s export unit price of bags is usually only a fraction of imported bags and even a few one-tenth of China’s nearly 300 billion luggage market, most of Louis Vuitton, Gucci and top brands such as Paul, Pier Ka Dan and other foreign brands occupy the mid-authorized, according to incomplete statistics, China-made own-brand market share less than 20%, with more than 20,000 manufacturing enterprises in China, luggage, just in the industrial chain for the developed countries play a manufacturer’s role.
Bags as an unplanned consumer goods, in a few years ago and no cause for concern. Now people around the bag is not a shortage of goods. Not only in the application has been strengthened, decorative also been expanded, a variety of shops and bags have become an indispensable fashion accessories. As an important factor in fashion, bags contains a huge market opportunity, the present situation, there are several large luggage market demand points:
1, changing styles, a wide range of
2, simple style, generous
3, graceful, rich luxury
4, the demand for leisure – the popular cartoon
China bags channel model:
1, Direct mode
2, the regional agency or regional distributor model
3, the franchise mode
China luggage terminal market business model:
1, independent stores
2, shopping center store
3, exclusive department stores (Nakajima, side hall)
4, leather goods market
5, online store
6, the online trading platform
Case: notlie bags marketing strategy
1, Notlie product positioning:
Product lines: leather bags,hand bag, shoulder bags for women, wallet-based; belts, cosmetic bags, canvas bags.
Features: Elegant, sophisticated, stylish, classic, excellent quality, sophisticated technology.
Color characteristics: leading the trend in Asia, China in the international wind off
Price: DISSONNA in with similar or slightly lower than the COBO, this series of brands in the country belonging to the high-end price
The main products sold price :100-500 dollars (fashion handbags category).
Products sold times the price :50-300 (complete product category).
Products target consumer groups: the 22-45 year-old fashion demands of women, have a good career, a higher source of income, young, energetic, dynamic, free no pressure, for high quality of life of people.
2, Notlier business model selection
notlie development of the mainland China market using the separation of production and sales company system, both the company’s total sales by the notlie responsible notlie development of the domestic market, responsible for notlie of network development, dealers choice, branding, sales policy, marketing methods and a series of selection marketing activities. The national headquarters based in Shenzhen, Guangzhou or Shanghai, according to the strength of sunlight conglomerate, choose the form of sales in the country, these forms include the terminal Direct, two major forms of franchising, comprehensive development of the domestic market.
In the sales terminal choice, choose the form of high-end department store franchise based, high-level shopping center stores to highlight the form, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other large developed cities, select high-end department stores, shopping centers or senior set up flagship stores, brand high-end display is notlie and experience, but also high-end luggage notlie occupy the mainstream of the city to develop a strong market. Selected urban centers in provinces of higher local department store to notlie counter in the form of presence. According to the residents of the cities there are differences in consumption levels, a choice for the development of point of sale terminals. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other large cities with higher levels of consumption, should be appropriate to increase the number of point of sale terminal to Shanghai, Beijing, for example, the city should be developed at least 20 or more point of sale terminal.
3, Notlie market selection and development
Notlie development in the domestic market, can be divided into three stages,
The first stage of the Direct or franchises development in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other major urban markets;
Direct the second stage, franchises developed provinces and cities of the developed urban markets;
The third phase of development of other domestic markets (specific marketing strategy will be reflected in later chapters).
Competitive analysis
China is currently on the market in high-end handbags competitors are divided into the following three categories:
The first is the world’s leading luxury goods brands such as COACH, GUCCI, Louis vuitton, etc., their main city in the country a class of high-end department stores to open up a few outlets, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, currently not many outlets in the country, such as only seven in mainland China COACH, GUCCI 14 in the mainland.
The second category is the leading brand, with international brand image in the Chinese market, such as DISSONA, COBO and so on. These companies in the country to join the Direct and the combination of the rapid expansion of the domestic channel, sales distribution more, covering major domestic and municipalities, provincial capitals and other major cities.
The third category is the Volkswagen brand and products to meet consumer demand for middle and low.
For consumers, it is difficult to distinguish between these two types of enterprises. And the second business is essentially to Italy, France, the brand’s image appeared, and a more complete story of the brand and mode of transmission.

Major competitive brand analysis:
Shenzhen Jin Shun Industrial Co., Ltd. was as DISSONA general agent in China, currently DISSONA sales outlets in China’s urban centers throughout the provinces, close to upscale department stores in the country established the image of the counter, in the Miss Gao Dang Pijuxiangbao 25% market share in its possession.
Dissona main Ms. shoulder bag, hand bag, wallet and other products, the target consumer group is 25-45 years old focus on quality of life, and have the willingness and ability to improve the quality of life of women.
Dissona-store monthly sales of 30 million or more, the country in the Miss Gao Dang Pijuxiangbao 25% market share in its possession. Total sales revenue of 3 billion yuan.
COBO claims: “brand from Italy in the 1990s to enter the China market”, in fact, produced by the production of COBO Sun Moon Star Leather Products Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, complete, in fact, the domestic brands.
COBO currently has six outlets in Hong Kong, in Beijing, seven points of sale in Shanghai, there are 24 outlets in Shenzhen five points of sale. In China with Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, four offices.
Ms. COBO products hand bag, shoulder bag-based, end-fabric package price of $ 1800-3000; leather bag Terminal Price 2000-5000 yuan. Same-store sales were 25 million or more months. Excluding Hong Kong, including, COBO annual sales in the country of 1 billion yuan.
COACH of the excellent reputation of the United States from its original spirit and design, adhere to the tradition of making high-level leather, with exquisite craftsmanship, from natural leather lines in the cortex show a sense of quality and durability. “Within reach of the luxury boutique” concept and is confident COACH efforts to create brand image, COACH has a full range of accessory products: purses, briefcases, luggage, travel bags, wallets, jackets, gloves, scarves, watches, glasses, shoes, fashion accessories and so on.
COACH in Hong Kong, China has 12 outlets in mainland China 2 Beijing, Shanghai 3, Shenzhen 1, Xian 1, a total of seven points of sale.
According to monthly sales of 500,000 single-store basis, single-store annual sales income of 600 million, COACH big sales in China takes root in 42 million.

Market forecasts and opportunity analysis of market opportunities:
1978-2006, China’s average annual GDP growth of 9.67%, far higher than the world average of around 3.3 per cent economic growth rate. Significantly improve people’s lives, and the pursuit of high quality of life is the common goal of society as a whole, the high-end consumer goods, luxury consumer goods market demand with the economic development and rapid increase. China luggage products every year to more than 15% of the rate of growth, growth in high-end luggage products faster, which is the development of luggage to bring a good business opportunity.
Gucci, LV, Coach leather bags for women and other famous brands have entered the Chinese market for many years, and achieved a certain market opportunities. The success of these international brands, to DEGER can provide a number of successful experience will help DEGER to open the Chinese market, many in the market to avoid detours.
High-end luggage industry has some barriers to entry, brand, design level, technological level, high-end channel selection and so the entry of other companies have some barriers. As for the Sunshine Group has a solid strength and rich experience in enterprise business bags, barrier is precisely the advantage of their own development.

Wound Care Management

The wound care management market in emerging economies is forecast to grow from $722.9m in 2009 to $906.6m by 2016 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 3%. The wound care management market of China is the biggest market in terms of market size and accounted for about 49% of the total revenue of the wound care management market in 2009. China and India will continue to witness high growth, mainly because of the high elderly population and the increase in awareness of advanced wound care products. The wound care management market in India is forecast to grow from $148.2m in 2009 to about $179.7m by 2016 with a CAGR of 3%.

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The wound care management market in China was valued at $355.4m in 2009 and is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 3% to reach $448.7m in 2016. China is the biggest market, contributing 49% towards to the emerging economies wound care management market in 2009. The demand for advanced wound care products in China is mainly driven by high population growth, increased lifestyle disorders and high awareness of advanced wound care products.

Type II Diabetes is one of the most common causes of chronic wounds in emerging economies. In future the diabetes and other lifestyle diseases are going to replace infectious diseases and malnutrition as the main cause of morbidity and mortality in emerging economies. According to the World Diabetes Foundation (WDF), an estimated 285 million people or 6.6% in the age group 20-79 will live with diabetes in 2010. In this total diabetic population, 70% of patients live in emerging economies. Globally in the next 20 years, the number of diabetic patients is expected to increase by more than 50%. In this patient population the largest increases will take place in emerging economies. In emerging economies, many people with diabetes are unaware of the importance of routine foot care. The increasing diabetic population, chronic wounds and a long healing process are expected to drive the wound care management market in the emerging economies.

GlobalDatas new report, Wound Care Management – Emerging Countries (China, India, Brazil) Opportunity Assessment, Competitive Landscape and Market Forecasts to 2016 provides key data, information and analysis on the global wound care management market. The report provides market landscape, competitive landscape and market trends information on the wound care management market. The report provides comprehensive information on the key trends affecting the market, and key analytical content on the market dynamics. The report also reviews the competitive landscape and technology offerings.

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Dolce Gabbana DS 2012 headphone & Sicilian Baroque Glasses

Dolce & Gabbana Following the launch of the limited edition Animalier bike, jointly launched a new accessories products – DS 2012 headphones focus on the design and production of high-end audio accessories Grado Labs. Dolce & Gabbana relentless pursuit of aesthetics and traditional Grado Labs combined the perfect interpretation of the process and design. As a brand in the luxury goods sector, Dolce & Gabbana For details of the ultimate pursuit of adequate response to this DS 2012 headset. New headphone uses a special and precious the mahogany material, and fully handmade. Technical level at the same time, the headphones using the “Open-air” technology make more sweet and clear sound, voice acting freely in the high and low frequency bands.

2012 autumn and winter fashion season, the Italian luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana purse staged a wonderful Baroque feast, and also the retro carved on the sunglasses, launched a product called the Sicilian Baroque Baroque glasses series. Currently, the series Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses by LensCrafters LensCrafters for sale exclusively in China.

Dolce & Gabbana Sicilian Baroque series sunglasses china sale romantic decorative details reminiscent of the colorful murals European court, the nobility a fine Qunjiao the lace and hauntingly clothes frame, so that the the unlimited play three-dimensional design and luxury craft series to sublimate. The series of glasses frame festooned with gilded roses and stretch the foliage reliefs, showing a sense of noble atmosphere elegant.