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Jeff Usner Can Help You Launch Your Own Online Business

When trying to run a successful business, many people will offer bits of obvious advice. However, there is no logic in considering the advice of people who have never been in your shoes. It will be more beneficial to heed the words of a person like Jeff Usner, an experienced business owner who is responsible for his own immense success using tools like the Internet.

As the founder of numerous businesses who has brought his net worth from six-figure debt to six-figure revenue, Jeff is a man you can trust. He knows what it is like to be starting from the ground up, and by being resourceful, he has been quite successful. He generated systems for sales that are responsible for such large net profits and implemented the necessary technological tools; now he wants you to do the same.

Success like this does not need to seem like a freak accident anymore. He is making it easy for anyone and everyone who is interested to get their hands on valuable business plans and marketing information. Simply follow him on his social networks and pay his website a visit to sign up for his mailing lists. This way, you can receive all his latest news and information about products and training.

For example, he is responsible for the creation of ProfitHub, which is a comprehensive program that trains its users on the Internet as a resource. You can learn everything from strategies to branding to creating websites with this product all information that is vital to online business growth. It is the perfect blueprint for online business strategy, which is what makes it so ideal it contains everything necessary for getting started.

He even makes himself personally available to anyone who wants to have an in-person consultation with him. This will make it easy to ask questions, have the strategies and skills laid out in front of you, and be informed about his events. Whether you want to meet him one-on-one or with a small group, he is available for scheduling, and it is often these types of meetings that make or break a persons success.

The way technology is advancing, there is no way around it: the Internet is soon going to be your most important resource for running a business, if it is not already. It can help create a clientele base, bring in consumer traffic, advertise, spread information, and much more. Since Jeff Usner is experienced in using it as a tool and puts all the necessary knowledge within your reach, everyone should seize the opportunity.

Digital Rights Management

Imagine being told that while you have paid for a magazine that you now hold, you are only permitted to read it three times. After that, you need to prove that you paid for it and go through an administrative process before you are allowed to leaf through it again. This pretty much sums up the situation that exists on the digital front, with gaming in particular being a newsworthy focus. Music and movies and the rest of the digital entertainment arena are also affected in some way by Digital Rights Management or DRM.

The merits of DRM, which exists in the form of copy protections, encryptions and online verifications at the moment, are heatedly debated. There are those who argue that the protections and checks that are in place are there to maintain the revenue that the items in question generate. This is the side taken mostly by those who implement these systems.

The other side of the coin argues that the consumer suffers when these DRM measures are used. Pointless registration and verification needs to be done by the folks who legally own the software or digital media in question. There would be a third side to this argument but the folks who pirate material of this nature have not ventured an opinion since they are generally far too busy breaking copy protections and the like. It appears that the folks who are targeted by the anti-piracy measures are largely unaffected by the measures themselves.


Digital Rights Management seeks to control access to copying and conversion of digital media by unauthorized persons. These measures often affect end users and legal owners of media as well as the targeted individuals who may pirate the software or media in question. For example, a person who owns a DVD or Compact Disc is perfectly entitled to make a copy of either disc for their own use, as the legal owner of the product. This is defined as -fair use’ of the product but any DRM implemented on the disc prevents this use, even for legal owners.

Current DRM and copyright restricting measures are vastly more draconian than they are permitted to be, strictly speaking. The access control that they contain is not really covered by any existing law and they [the access controls] are implemented on an on-the-fly basis across different media, determined by the publisher or copyright holder. As of right now, digital media may not be reverse-engineered and any and all forms of copy protection may be bypassed or cracked if the intent is to make the digital media compatible with other software. For instance, if someone has coded a media player, they are allowed to crack the copy protection of a DVD that they possess in order to make it run on said player, should the protection be preventing functionality. The laws also permit fair use, which is denied to owners of digital media by the companies that include DRM on their products.

Real life effects

On first thought, DRM will appear to do far more harm than good, at least for the folks who have legally purchased the software or digital media. Those who have obtained their software through the correct channels have to put up with the limitations that have been included to prevent illegal copying.

To be fair, it is not those who have paid for their software or similar who are being targeted but often someone who has cracked a game or downloaded an ISO from a torrent website will not have to put up with any of these restrictions. Even online games are able to be circumvented with an estimated 4-5 percent of Call of Duty 4 online players having games on cracked servers. These numbers are by no means definitive and are based on a search of server titles with the word -Crack’ in them. This is not to say that the players in these servers have all got pirated copies of COD4 but it does illustrate that pirated copies can be used online, regardless of the DRM measures.

Generally when someone goes to the trouble of cracking a game; they remove the side-effects of the DRM. Thus a DVD becomes an AVI file, which can be easily copied and distributed, has a smaller file size and often is encoded to almost DVD quality. A game’s copy protection can be removed and along with it, the need to activate several times or poll online to confirm a game is genuine or any of a host of procedures. In general pirates seem to be getting the better deal.

A country like South Africa also has a problem with constant online activations. Internet connections are sparse and online authentication is sometimes not possible. If someone has bought and paid for a game, just how ethical is obtaining a crack that bypasses online authentication? Cracking a game if one happens to own the original falls under the fair use banner, as does copying the same game. However, current DRM prevents fair use for legal owners. Only pirates benefit in this scenario.

Does DRM go too far?

With gaming in particular in mind, those that implement DRM appear to overdo things. Recently, several games have made headlines for their abuse of Digital Rights Management but there is a bit of history behind it. The infamous Starforce copy protections system was blamed for corrupting systems and causing crashes and games that were protected by Starforce and subsequently cracked were known to suffer from performance degradation. Starforce installed a driver onto computers that checked on the validity of a given disc. Warez groups have made a living out of cracking Starforce’s many incarnations and large amounts of documentation are floating around detailing how it works and how to circumvent it. One crack actually fixed a problem with Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory not being able to run on 64-bit CPUs.

Starforce has since been dropped by some of its major supporters, notably UbiSoft. The protection de jour is now SecuROM. SecuROM is known for certain compatibility issues that prevent games from running on the two major OSs. These issues arise from system settings that have nothing to do with the game and can prevent it from being played at all. There have been workarounds for these issues but again, pirates and those who cracked their legal copies of the games in question (Command and Conquer 3; BioShock, S.T.A.LK.E.R. and others) do not experience any such issues.

Specific problems with SecuROM occurred with BioShock. The game was accused of installing a form of malware onto a host computer along with the main install. This was picked up by several antivirus programs and the installation created a security hole that could be exploited. The Sims 2 series was also affected by SecuROM with reports of system damage being seen as a result of the copy protection system. Some of the problems reported included hardware failure in optical drives and general system faults that have required formats to correct, all of which have been attributed to SecuROM.

Mass Effect’s controversial activation system is now infamous. The game was originally to require online activation every ten days, failing which it would cease to function. This insane measure was later retracted after the massive volume of complaints that it generated before the game’s release but the SecuROM system was left in place and the installation limit kept at three installs. In order to install Mass Effect after that, EA has to be contacted to reset the install limit.

Spore is the subject of a court case in the USA, due to its SecuROM system and a slew of low review ratings that have nothing to do with the game and everything to do with its protection system. The installation limit for Spore has been lifted from three to five installs and installs can now be deregistered and moved to other machines. This was in response to opposition to DRM implementation by customers. Crysis: Warhead has also seen a similar reaction, but EA amended its stance on the activation scheme for Warhead, lessening the restrictions somewhat. Warhead never met with the same opposition to its DRM as Spore did due to the fast response by the publisher concerning the public’s demands.

The upcoming Sacred 2 will feature a SecuROM system but will not be restricted on installs. Like most current titles, once installed the game will not require the disc. The terms of the license will allow two players to legally LAN off one copy of the game. This set of features seems to indicate a compromise on the part of the developer which would please most owners of the game. DRM of this nature tries not to infringe too much on the rights of the legal owners while trying to combat the piracy issue.

Rise Against

There are those who argue that DRM is an infringement on freedoms that companies have no right to impose. In most cases cited, it is the everyday consumer who is harmed by the side-effects of protection systems while the pirates appear to get off scot-free. Games are generally fully cracked within hours of their official release and in the case of the PC edition of Assassin’s Creed, quite a while before the official release. DRM is sometimes seen as an immoral, greedy attempt by companies to funnel as much money as possible into their coffers at the expense of the valid consumer. This is perhaps how the average fellow on the street will view DRM but the cold truth is that it is mostly an attempt to combat rampant piracy. The customers who actually paid money for the product are simply casualties of war. Despite this, it is virtually certain that DRM issues would be far more severe if it were not for gaming and other digital publishers listening to their market.

There are however campaigns against the use of Digital Rights Management which have got the right idea. DRM is only wrong when it infringes on the freedoms of the legal consumer which essentially means that a rethink of the mechanisms being used is perhaps in order. It is one thing to try and limit the access that pirates have to an intellectual property and quite another to hurt one’s paying customers at the same time.

In its current state, DRM is missing the target that it aims for in the pirates who are stealing the digital properties. The splash damage is, however, catching their customers.

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Pathfinder 2-person Inflatable Kayak Review

For those looking for an inflatable kayak that can seat two people comfortably, the RST Marine Pathfinder II 2-Person Inflatable Performance Kayak is worthy of consideration.


The kayak itself seems to be pretty sturdy when fully inflated. It is made from reinforced Denier polyester (but shouldn’t every inflatable kayak be reinforced?) and should do a good job of resisting the cuts and abrasions that are inevitably going to happen to any inflatable device, especially if used on rivers and streams.

The manufacturer says this kayak can handle up to Class III rapids, but we would suggest testing it out on lesser water, such as slow moving rivers and streams before trying it on rapids. The kayak contains two main air chambers, along with an I-beam inflatable floor with a drain plug. This kayak comes equipped with a pump so getting it in the water should only take a few minutes. The two fabric seats are removable, and the two foot rests are even adjustable. As with most of these types of crafts, there is a storage pouch. Actually, there seems to be enough room for extra gear if you have it.


This kayak features two directional “fins” on the bottom for improved handling. The sides of the craft have carrying handles as well. When inflated to the proper air pressure, this kayak stays firm in the water and seems to move quite well. It does not include an air pressure gauge, so be sure to have one handy. This inflatable craft should be able to handle a total of 375 pounds of “cargo”. Push that, however, and you could find that this kayak will lose much of its handling ability. It is a fun kayak, especially for younger riders who are short in stature.


The kayak, out of the box, weighs in at about 36 pounds. It does come with a carrying case, so transporting it immediately comfortably should not be an issue. Many inflatable kayaks do not come with carrying cases, so that is a plus in this case.


Assembly should not be a problem for people of average intelligence, but you can tell that the instructions were written by a Chinese person that had little grasp of the English language. (One would think that the manufacturer would at least find someone to write the instructions who is from the U.S.)


Along with a carrying case, this kayak does come equipped with a pump and paddles, but the quality of these accessories are not A+ for sure. You may be better off getting a pump that has more power, and more sturdy paddles as well.


The Pathfinder II 2-Person Inflatable Performance Kayak is not the cheapest, nor the most expensive inflatable kayak available. It is middle of the road in price. Plan on spending around $300 or so.

The fact that it comes with a pump, carrying case, and paddles is worth something however. Shop around at places like Amazon or even eBay. You may be able to find a better model at, or even lower, than this particular Pathfinder kayak model.

Business Proposal Writing How Writing Training Can Help You Write Better Proposals

The way in which you write your business proposals can either make or break your business. Writing a solid business proposal is imperative if you want to see some measure of success in your business, or if you want to bring in any business at all! Business proposals are an important aspect of business management and knowing how to write a great business proposal can help in generating more business and income for your company.

There are many writing training courses that can help you write great proposals. If you are a newcomer to the business world, and are looking for tips on how to draft an effective business proposal, then you have come to the right place.

Here are a few effective business proposal writing tips:

Never Confuse the Prospective Readers: A poorly written business proposal can raise more questions instead of clarifying doubts. This is why your first step should be to clearly outline the objectives of the proposal and summarise the points that you want to cover. Make sure your proposal flows smoothly and that the language you use is plain and easy to understand (unless you work in a technical field). Even a layman should be able to understand the contents of your proposal. Clarity is the most important factor in any business proposal, so never compromise it at any cost. Steer clear of vague descriptions that could potentially mislead your readers or encourage them to take their business elsewhere. The way you write your proposals speaks volumes about you as a business person.

Clearly define your Objectives: When writing a business proposal, make sure you know exactly what it is you want to write about in the first place. Identify the key points that you need to put in your proposal and how you will persuade your reader. Your idea should be communicated effectively through your proposal.

Use Flawless Grammar: Always ensure that the grammar you use in your proposals is flawless. Failing to exhibit good writing skills can lead to a lot of rejections. Check to see that your proposal is free of grammar mistakes and typos, and never use jargon. If you do wish to use jargon, then make sure all the terms are well defined. This is one of the first things you’ll learn at any writing training course.

Research: Research plays a very big role when writing your proposal. Make sure you understand completely what your customer needs and what challenges they face so that you can address their problems.

These are just a few tips for a solid business proposal. Never take your business proposal writing lightly, as this could cost you a lot in terms of business.

Hotel Performance Measures Evaluation

What is a universal success recipe in business? Even the most well known business gurus will not give you a definite answer. The problem is that every business is individual and thus requires individual approach. It should be noted that the situation is aggravated by a tough competition. If 30 years ago commercial businesses only had to offer high quality products at competitive prices, now the situation has entirely changed. These days, companies have to win loyalty of their customers. It especially concerns hotels. When vacation season begins hotel start a real fight for customers. Indeed, visitors have a very wide choice of hotels in different price ranges. As already said, hotels compete for customer loyalty. You know that in most cases those hotels win that have well thought and realistic strategy. One of the most common mistakes in strategic planning is that strategy unfortunately remains on paper. There is no problem in designing the most ambitious strategic plan but if they remain on the to
p management level there is no use in such a strategy. Thats why hotel owners and top managers are strongly recommended to use Balanced Scorecard which is known as one of the tools used for strategic management and performance evaluation purposes. Every strategy in a hotel is definitely customer focused. Sure thing, financial goals matter most of all, but the truth is that they simply cannot be achieved without retention and attraction of new customers. This is the only way a hotel can generate income.

As known, Balanced Scorecard employs very simple principle: it evaluates key performance indicators (KPIs) that represent critical success factors both in internal and external business environment. The four categories of Balanced Scorecard financial, customer, internal business processes, learning and growth cover the most important aspects of inside and outside the hotel. With a Balanced Scorecard it is possible to adjust internal processes in accordance to new market conditions and requirements. It is remarkable that the set of key performance indicators can be changed during evaluation process, as required by external changes. Lets review several key performance indicators used in hotel Balanced Scorecard.

Number of hotel guests per employee. This is a very important indicator that makes it possible to efficiently manage number of hotel employees and optimize personnel quantity. This indicator can also demonstrate group performance of employees. Naturally, the more hotel guests an employee can manage the better.

Net room revenue. This is a very important financial indicator that makes it possible to calculate total revenue for the entire hotel as well as offer valuable information on how to increase revenue without sufficient hike in hotel rates.

Percentage of international guests. This indicator can tell much of hotel quality and services. The more international get choose to visit a hotel that hire its reputation and the international and local community. If there are not many international guests in a hotel, perhaps new services and offers have to be introduced in order to attract such customers that are expected to spend much money.

day In-person seminar on Implementing Risk Management Principles and Activities within a Quality


Risk management integrated into the overall quality management is one of the main components for global medical device compliance. To meet the approval requirements for almost every regulated market a comprehensive implementation and documentation of a full risk management lifecycle has to be demonstrated. This course introduces the major components necessary to achieve global regulatory compliance and approvability. The main emphasis is on European and US regulation. A practical path to implanting a successful risk management system across different subsystems will be presented. The main issues covered are risk management, compliance with IEC60601-1, usability engineering and software risk management. The course is based on 20+ years of experience in the medical device industry and emphasizes practical implementation issues and not just theoretical background. If your company is developing devices for international markets this seminar will give you the information needed to design and document a globally acceptable design lifecycle.

Why you should attend:

Since risk management is a wide spanning activity involving management, engineering, QA/RA, clinical affairs and manufacturing / sustaining engineering, the seminar addresses a broad audience and generates a common understanding of risk management principles and methods. Some elements of the agenda a specific to design engineering but a shared knowledge of risk management principles is essential to successfully implement a working risk management system.

Course Outline: Day 1 – Agenda Lecture 1: Introduction into Risk Management and Quality System Integration Why risk management? Risk Management Lifecycle and stakeholders Risk Management Benefits How I to implement Risk Management into ISO13486 Q&A

Lecture 2: Risk Management to ISO 14971:2012 Risk Management Planning Risk Management Life Cycle Hazard Identification

Day 2 – Agenda Lecture 3: IEC 60601-1 3rd edition (incl. A1) References to Risk Management Section 4 Risk Related Issues Compliance for Non-Software Related Issues The IEC TRF (technical report form)

Lecture 4: Usability Risk Management (IEC62304:2006 / FDA usability Guidance) Use errors as hazard source User intervention as hazard mitigation Usability engineering lifecycle Application specification

Lecture 5: Software Risk Management (IEC62304 / FDA software reviewers’ guidance): Critical Software Issues Software Hazard Mitigation Strategies Software Item, Unit and System Definition Software Failures as Hazard Sources

Who Will Benefit: This 2-day course is particularly relevant to managers, supervisors, QA / RA and design/system engineers. Even experienced personnel will benefit from the across industry perspective and the illustration of standard practices that only a presenter with extensive experience in more than 100 projects can provide. Specific positions that would benefit are: Project managers Risk managers Engineering management Quality Assurance personnel Regulatory and Compliance professionals responsible for FDA / notified body interactions System and design Engineers Software Engineers Usability Engineers Verification / validation personnel Production Managers ABOUT SPEAKER – Markus Weber Principal Consultant, System Safety Inc.

Markus Weber, Principal Consultant with System Safety, Inc., specializes in safety engineering and risk management for critical medical devices. He graduated from Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany with a MS in Electrical Engineering. Before founding System Safety, Inc., he was a software safety engineer for the German approval agency, TUV. Since 1991, Mr. Weber has been a leading consultant to the medical device industry on safety and regulatory compliance issues, specifically for active and software-controlled devices. In conjunction with the FDA, he has published works on risk management issues and software-related risk mitigations. Mr. Weber has helped multiple companies, from startups to Fortune 500 firms.

Location: Singapore

27th & 28th February 2014

9:00AM-6:00PM Venue: Mandarin Orchard Singapore Address: 333 Orchard Road, Singapore 238867 Price: $1,595.00 Discount: Register now and save $200. (Early Bird) Until January 25, Early Bird Price: $1,595.00 from January 26 to February25, Regular Price: $1,795.00 Contact Information: Event Coordinator Call: +65-3158-3448 Fax: 302-288-6884 Email: Website: LIVE CHAT SUPPORT – Event Link: NetZealous LLC, DBA GlobalCompliancePanel, 161 Mission Falls Lane, Suite 216, Fremont, CA 94539, USA Phone: 1800 447 9407

Kyani Network marketing Review – Full Review Of The Kyani Solutions

Positive Benefits from the Kyani Solutions:
Enhanced mood and strain relief
Radiant glowing skin and shiny hair
Boosts metabolism and controls appetite
Can help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels
Improves memory
Aids in the upkeep of cardiovascular wellbeing
Hydrates dry ski for the inside of out

Kyani is the latest network marketing chance to kick off in the wellbeing and wellness based business. Right here is a very simple assessment of the product or service, the company and the ability with new network promoting method.od.

Kyani is the most up-to-date network promotion option to kick off from within just the ever rising overall health and wellness field. The price tag to be a part of and spouse with the chance will range based on the goods ordered by the man or women. This of training course will be based on a recurring buy process in which the individual member, their clients and members could be piece of.


If you want to be a part of Ky??ni, you will have to purchase a starters kit. There are three diverse varieties of kits: a $160 package, a commence pack of $495 or a builders bundle of $1,250. As a distributor, there’s also a regular monthly autoship prerequisite of about $a hundred and fifty, which is affordable, but still a big monthly investment.

The Ky??ni compensation method is a a few x seven power-put matrix which suggests that your organisation and commission payout is primarily based on building three groups with a depth of 7 amounts. However, distributors may possibly develop as lots of groups as wanted and they are also getting compensated out on all of them. With Ky??ni you can make a prolonged-phrase residual revenue via distributor purchases, but there are also reward commissions like rank and swiftly begin bonuses, incentive journeys and car bonuses.

It is claimed that the compensation plan pays out a complete of 70%, but that is arguable… of training course like in each network marketing and advertising small business for you to generate that amount of dollars it is really necessary to be qualified for every and every single reward pool.


Ky??ni is far from a scam and it even has a sturdy leadership which assists you to showcase this business prospect. Whilst the reality that the organization doesn’t present successful promoting approaches, if you know how to manufacturer by yourself and the Ky??ni possibility you will have a very good chance to do well. Regrettably, we observe that quite a few Ky??ni distributors are struggling mainly because they have to do organization meetings and household parties.

The provider features very good products, but even the Wild Alaskan blueberry is just a blueberry… noni is also substantially regarded and of course in many scenarios salmon can also be balanced. But you see, there’s absolutely nothing about it that the entire world hasn’t observed but. Is this a challenge? No, not actually.

No matter if you will be successful or not does not depend on the merchandise or the compensation prepare, nor has it a thing to do with the company alone. You’re the a person who has to develop your organisation, so fundamentally unless of course you’re ready to manufacturer your self and industry your organization effectively, you won’t be able to generate capital.

Kyani – Evaluation Of The Organization

Kyani is a Multilevel marketing chance that is shopping to take advantage of the recent boom in the health and wellness field. It was founded by Kirk Hanson, Carl Taylor and Dick Powell, as very well as Dick’s spouse Gayle.

Kyani Products Critique

The firm sells a healthy and balanced nutritional beverage called Kyani Sunrise, as perfectly as complement termed Kyani Sunset and a Nitric Oxide dietary supplement known as NitroFX.

Management Accounting Made Easy Via Online Tutoring

Management accounting is related with utilizing accounting information, and forming fundamental structure to prepare business decision that will be helpful in enhancing management and control functions in an association.

Accounting, that is incredibly common term, may be called classifying, summarizing, recording the transaction and events in vital financial terms and decoding the results thereof. Accounting may be a method that evaluates the soundness of a company.

Accounting Assignment help, that concentrates on reporting to folks regarding internal business entity, is termed management accounting. Management Accounting and money accounting along plays a major role in sleek running of business. the method of getting ready reports offer correct and updated position of the organization and hence help in formulating provisions and principles of varied money and management policies to perform day to day and short term transaction. There are two styles of accounting, the primary one is money accounting and therefore the second is Management Accounting.

Financial Management produces annual reports significantly for external stakeholders. On the opposite hand, management accounting help provides out monthly or weekly reports for an organization’s internal members like department managers and therefore the chief government officer. These reports primarily show the number of money accessible, revenue through sales, range of orders in hand, standing of accounts payable and accounts receivable, pending debts, raw material needed and inventory.

It suggests that management accounting assistance is a large term as compared with money management. As this subject has wide implication and extremely troublesome to grasp, the students of management accounting has divided this into totally different components or branches that minimizes the extent of confusion for college students and efforts of operating peoples. The observance of Management accounting is extended to the subsequent 3 areas:

Strategic ManagementRole of the management accountant within the organization as a strategic partner

Performance Management Managing the performance of the organization through calls creating

Risk Management Aiding within the achievement of objectives of organization through measuring, managing, identifying, and reporting risks. Since this subject covers an out sized arena of industries and extremely crucial for any economy, students in colleges and better categories ought to be motivated to select this subject.

To know a lot of regarding this subject in details students may also take help of web. Accounting Homework help and assignment help will simply be taken from web. On net you’ll visit any account data giving web site and appearance for the topic that you need for your homework and assignment. So, students needn’t to induce frightened of management accounting till web is with them.

The History Of Skegness

The once haven town, Skegness was erected on a raised promontory with a timber trading harbor and other material. The name is similar to the ones in the nearby locality. It is related to the Danes, Skeggis ness or headland which was one of the locations where the Vikings had landed in the 9 century.

In 1526, a storm tide broke up the haven port and washed it away. Thanks to the isolation, the village’s population was still under 400 by the 1850s– some working as fishermen, and the rest as farmers, working some of the country’s most fertile soil. Nearby gentry made a practice of taking trips there to go bathing during the summer, but Skegness did not become a genuinely popular tourist destination until the railway reached it in 1873. Its new easy accessibility began to draw large numbers of working-class visitors on day trips, even though its tourist industry consisted of only a few hotels and refreshment rooms and the beach itself.
The Earl of Scarbrough, who lived in Yorkshire, owned most of the land and foreseeing that the seaside is going to be extremely popular in future, he entrusted an architect to plan a model watering place, a name given by the Victorians, on that site where the village existed. Work started in the latter half of 1870’s on construction of wide, tree lined streets walkways and gardens, a park and a wharf and also a net street for shopping, a church and a number of new homes.

At the beginning of the century, with many from Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and other areas taking up residence to set up businesses, the Skegness population had gone up to well over two thousand. As predicted by the Earl, this new seaside Town had grown steadily all through the Edwardian years bringing ever increasing visitors year after year and the earl sold the complete seashore to the Skegness District Council, soon after the Great War ended, for a very fair value. For twenty years following that and between the World Wars, the currently seen basic facilities were laid by the local authorities where there were only sands and dunes earlier. The basic facilities included rose gardens, walkways, boating lake, bathing pool, waterway, amusement park, bowling arenas, tennis courts, the Embassy Centre, etc., and the same period also saw growth of new hotels, entertainment centers and shops.

The Town suffered heavy bombing during the war years, as well as occupation by the armed forces, and there was much repair and refurbishing to concentrate on in the late 1940s, as well as extra housing for the newly returned servicemen and others. Then an industrial estate was laid out to attract all year round jobs and an improved road system to facilitate the movement of the ever increasing volume of motor traffic. The 1950s indeed saw the age of the motor car really arrived and visitors flocked to the coast under their own power instead of on the trains and new car parking space had to be provided, near the sea, as well as a wider choice of accommodation. Caravan camps were popular in Skegness in the 1920s and 30s but after the war they expanded on a huge scale to make this the most popular caravan coast in the country. Hotels and guesthouses were upgraded to meet higher standards and Butlins Skegness Holiday Centre was also modernised at considerable expense.

Skegness got off lightly in the great East Coast Flood of 1953, but the sea defenses were then strengthened and new promenades built on the sea walls. In 1978 another great storm almost destroyed the pier, but what remains has recently been repaired and improved. As the new century gets under way, in spite of the rush to the sun, Skeggy, on the drier side of Britain, is still a regular point of call for thousands of people from the East Midlands and elsewhere. With its fine sand beach, flying the blue flag of excellence, it is a paradise for children and there is a wide choice of activities for all other ages.

Birth Chart By Best Indian Astrologer For Mahadasa Of Venus

The native gems, young women, costly clothes and ornaments (as significator) in Venus dasa. Venus gives silk clothes, music and singing, good employment and business. The native becomes gentle, well mannered and engages himself in reading-hearing of religious works, in charities and in company of saints and holy people. The native makes brisk exchanges in trade. The native gets back the lost money, gets cattle and vehicles, but gets the malice of sons (the reason may be that Venus is enemy of Jupiter, the karaka of son). There is a state of playfulness in the family. Dasa of weak and afflicted Venus produces wind and phlegm complaints. The native is mentally depressed and acquires the enemity of low people.

Bhuktis in Venus-dasa
Venus-Venus dignified, in angles, trines or in 11th house from the lagna indicates wealth due to grace of Brahmins, princely comforts, company of gay persons, delicious food, acts of charities, gains in business, benefit from women, enjoyment of luxuries, birth of female issue, acquisition of hidden treasure. Venus weak, afflicted in 6th, 8th or 12th from the lagna, loss due to government, enemity of brethren, loss of wife or illness to her, and related ailment. Venus afflicted in 2nd or 7th house indicates urinary and kidney complaints and death.

The Sun-The Sun dignified, in angles, trines or 11th from the lagna or Venus denotes grace of rulers, high living, cattle, luxuries of all sorts, happiness to parents, travel to foreign countries, and birth of son. Weak Sun, afflicted, in 6th, 8th or 12th from the lagna or Venus denotes thyroid complaints, pthisis, head aches, eye diseases ( night blindness), poverty, travel to foreign country, heart troubles etc.

The Moon-The Moon dignified, in angles, trines or 11th house from the lagna or Venus denotes conveyances, all round prosperity, dip in holy rivers, worship of gods and Brahmins, interest in music and poetry, honour from the learned, rich food and luxurious living, birth of female child, success in medical profession. The Moon with deficient rays, afflicted, in 6th, 8th or 12th from the lagna or Venus denotes loss by indiscriminate investment, continuous travels, physical ailments and mental troubles.

Mars-Mars dignified, in angles, trines or 11th house from the lagna or Venus denotes, gain of land, benefits from property, construction of new house, promotion if the native is in military or police. Weak Mars, afflicted, in 6th, 8th or 12th denotes useless efforts, fever, loss of residence, suffering due to excess of bile, loss due to theft, false cases in police etc. Mars in 2nd or 7th and afflicted denotes acute ailments, infections, high fever and possibility of death.

Rahu-Rahu dignified in angles, trines or 11th house from the lagna or Venus denotes increase of wealth and prosperity, success in an undertaking, loss of enemies, favour from superiors success in election and attainment of ministerial position, pilgrimage. Rahu weak, afflicted, in adverse places from Venus denotes losses from low caste people, danger from reptiles or poisoning, fraudulent schemes against the native. Rahu afflicted in 2nd or 7th house denotes death due to conspiracies.

Jupiter-Jupiter dignified in angles, in trines or in 11th house denotes all kinds of comforts, wealth health and prosperity, honour from the government, birth of son, religious inclinations, reading of philosophical literature. Jupiter weak, afflicted, in 6th, 8th or 12th house denotes calamities, danger of theft, pains, diseases of liver, losses in business, dishonour etc. Jupiter afflicted in 2nd or 7th house death due to liver complaints.

Saturn-Saturn dignified in angles, in trines or in 11th house from the lagna or Venus denotes general prosperity, leadership of low people, realization of duties, benefits from an old lady, windy complaints, Saturn weak, afflicted, in 6th, 8th or 12th denotes trouble to wife and children, loss of health, losses in business, loss of cattle, opposition with seniors or master, lethargy, more expenses than income, Saturn afflicted in 2nd or 7th indicates death, emaciation, pthisis or other lingering illness.

Mercury-Mercury dignified, in angle, trine or 11th house denotes riches, hearing of religious scipts, association with holy people, benefit from literature, realization of hopes, honour. Mercury weak, afflicted in 6th, 8th, or 12th from the lagna or Venus denotes dishonour, defamation, little gains, loss of cattle, residence in others houses, mental unrest, nervousness etc. Mercury in affliction in 2nd or 7th denotes death from dysentery or serious nervous breakdown.

Ketu-Ketu in good places from the lagna or Venus denotes prosperity in business, defeat to enemies etc. Ketu afflicted in 6th, 8th or 12th house denotes discredit among people, failure in undertaking, quarrels with wife and children. Ketu afflicted in 2nd or 7th denotes physical ailment and death.

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