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India as Innovator!

This is country with 120 billion people and biggest youth
population in the world. Traditionally we have service acumen when it
comes to career. We had our father, uncles retiring from places where
they started their first job. The “job security” and “play safe” have
been the inherited and unintentional handover lessons to gen next but
the Gen “Y” is energetic, vibrant with full of ideas and passion for
taking different routes. At any time of reference there is full basket
of ideas bouncing in one’s cerebrum. The potential of these ideas could
be far reaching for people lives and the way we would live in future.
When it comes to India on Innovation barometer, the performance of this
great country is dismal. As per 2013 survey , India stands as low as
66th . On one side we are marching towards 2020 super power dream and on
the other side the score on Innovation is not worth being proud.
Smaller countries like Switzerland, Sweden , Finland, Israel, Kuwait are
much above India.

Further analysis would help us understand the “red” and “green” reasons for Innovation score.

Its a reason to cheer for strengths but the weakness pointers needs
more attention. A normal glance would indicate the prominent presence of
education and related parameters under “red” alarms. We have a
potential of wonderful ideas and passion of youth but probably what is
missing is the right ecosystem to address, acknowledge and support these
ideas. We as teachers, mentors, seniors, peers, guides have a larger
role to encourage “crazy ideas” , “stupid ideas”, “non conventional
ideas” , ” risky paths” . It would be more appropriate to change the
approach/model/processes/How’s to suit the current times instead of
making losing efforts for a reverse action. Its more important to be
relevant than being ideal. It vital to stop talking “hamare zamane me to
“. Lets live in present and dream for a better future and leave the
legacy of past behind. Lets embrace change. This genre of kids and youth
deserves much more.

Education institutions have been earning more of dis- respect from
frustrated , disappointed students but the reality is that it is these
institutions who have resulted us what we are today and would decide
what we would be tomorrow. We need to reaffirm our faith and optimism
and contribute our bit in making our dreams come true. Change is the
mother of Innovation. Lets hope our institutions embrace the change
sooner and open new bag of opportunities. These opportunities would led
us to innovations, change. The output would be measured by the world in
terms of research, patents, new start ups, active participation by
students, active desire to learn, more employability, more

Next 10 years for India belongs to innovation and
ideas and we have to collectively build a conducive atmosphere where
ideas gets to see life, where potential ideas get to see kinetic action,
where every idea deserves a CHANCE !

Make Your Website Outstanding By Use Of Website Design Packages In India.

Are you planning for an online business? Do you want to promote your business? One should plan in advance to start an online business and it is first step to find a good web design package with reasonable rates. It takes fraction of seconds for viewers to close a massy looking website. Good structured and proficient websites catch more attention from viewers. A website should have all conveniences of browsing so visitors come back again and again to the website and ultimately become permanent user of the website. There are many companies which offer best web design packages in India to grow your business.

In India, The website designing companies have lots of packages to design a website. One can choose package of web design as per any business requirement. A package gives best deal within budget rather than searching for individual services. One has to check that all necessary add-ons are available on the chosen package or not. A web designing package includes domain name, logo design, web hosting and much more. The web designing companies not only design a perfect website but also provide free maintenance for fixed amount of time.

Some web designing companies in India classify different packages in a way like basic package, standard package, corporate package and professional package. Basic and standard packages have some fundamental add-ons while business and corporate packages have fundamental as well as some special add-ons according to need of products or services.

SEO services:
India has lots of best institutes and colleges. Many talented students graduate from these institutes have best knowledge in different aspect of internet. Many organizations or companies hire those experts for SEO services. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. SEO has become must for any business which wants to get attention from search engines. People in India have started to advertize their business online to get more permanent customers. It is very important for any website to get placed on the first page of search engines results so SEO services can help in that matter. There are many SEO services in India which help to get targeted traffic towards a website. SEO service based companies have well trained professionals who use special skills and techniques to optimize a website.
The professionals first task is to scrutinize online challengers of a website. Next step is to get keywords which are used to find particular product or service online. Later, online and offline Optimization of web pages are done and back links are generated to pull traffic online. The professional also constantly observes page rank and traffic of the website. SEO service based companies are flooding in India so one can get best deal as per need with minimal charges. One can easily endorse their business and earn more revenue by using SEO services.

How To Write Better Php Code These 7 Ways

You don’t need to remember functions, classes and specific solutions to be a good programmer. They are online, accessible at any time. And being a PHP developer you are unlikely to do much important work without being connected to the internet. Then what makes a good programmer? For me a good PHP programmer means someone who is efficient – who can solve problems and build quality web based software quickly and in a way that allows easier maintenance and extending of the program.

So being a good PHP programmer means mostly to write a good code with less effort and time spent. And here is what does that mean – several main things:

– Code that is short. I don’t mean putting everything on one line like some Perl coders do, but writing less waste, reusing code and keeping it modular
– Code that is easy to maintain and extend – this again means modular, but also a well commented PHP code.
– Code that doesn’t overload the server – you shouldn’t get obsessed by this but it’s important to keep the server overload low

How to write such code? There isn’t a specific recipe – every developer has its own style regardless the fact that many use frameworks or follow specific guidelines. So I’m not going to offer you a recipe. Instead of that here are seven of the best practices I follow to write better PHP (and not only PHP) code. If you use them too, you can drastically improve your efficiency as a developer.

1. Use alternative PHP syntax in templates:
I really hope you use templates, to begin with. If you are messing the HTML output directly into your scripts, you need to work on this first. If you already follow the concept to separate your design from the program logic, you are either using some template engine (usually a dead end reducing productivity) or placing a bit of PHP code inside the templates (loops, if/else statements etc). You can add some more cleanness to your views by using the alternative PHP syntax instead of the standard one with “{” and “}”. Using foreach: / endforeach;, if: endif; for: endfor, etc. keeps the PHP code on less lines in the view, helps knowing when a loop is opened and closed and generally looks better.

You can learn more about the alternative PHP syntax on the official PHP site – just search for “Alternative syntax for control structures”.

2. Everything capsulated:
You know about the DRY, don’t you? Don’t Repeat Yourself. Don’t copy-paste code. Always use functions and classes that will encapsulate often executed tasks. I know this is ABC of programming, but are you really really doing it? If one SQL query or code block is repeating itself 3 or more times in the application, then it should be a method or function. If it is repeating itself with slight variations, it should be a method or function as well (one that takes arguments). Here is what encapsulation gives you:

– less code, less writing
– ability to make changes across the entire app with a single code change
– clean and understandable code

These three things really make a better code. Let’s get a very simple example: which you think is better – formatting the date in the SQL query or in the PHP code? Both are fine if you encapsulate the format. If you use the standard PHP date() function everywhere or the SQL date formatting function, passing the format that the client requires, to each call, what will happen if the client wants a change? You’ll have to change it everywhere. To avoid that, build your own function to format the date or just put the formatting string (the “Y/m/d H:i A” thing for example) in a constant, so you can change it any time.

3. Use a DB object:
There are many ways to handle this, including ODBC, PDO and others. Whatever you do, don’t put mysql_query() or mssql_query() (or whatever) directly in your code. It’s not that you are going to change the DB engine ten times in the project – in fact in eight years in web development I had to change the DB engine of an existing project just a couple of times. It’s again about keeping the code short, readable and better. For example I have a DB object with methods that return a single value, single array or multiple array from a DB query. This way instead of writing:

$sql=”SELECT * FROM some_table”;

and then using $result in some construction like while($row=mysql_fetch_array($result)), I just write:

$sql=”SELECT * FROM some_table”;

And I have the result in $some_things. (Note: don’t use this when retrieving thousands of records at once, it will exhaust the server memory).

4. Use CRUD Functions:
Just in case you don’t know, CRUD comes from CReate, Update, Delete. Create functions or object methods which will do this work for you or use the well known ActiveRecord. Do this instead of writing long SQL queries with tens of fields listed. This is going to save you a lot of time. It’s going to work automatically when you add or remove a field in the HTML form. Isn’t that great?

5. Debugging is your best friend:
Ok this point isn’t directly related to writing a better code – it’s more related to being a better programmer however. If something doesn’t work, you are not likely to fix it just by thinking hard or by looking at hundreds of lines of code. It’s not going to happen by swearing either. It’s going to happen by debugging.

Debugging is the action of going back following the logic of your program and finding the place where it works wrong or doesn’t work. It doesn’t matter if you use a debugger or just print_r() and echo() in various places of your code. The important thing is to trace backwards. Start from the current place – is there something wrong in it? If yes, go back few lines before the output/result happens. Is it still wrong? If yes, keep going few lines back. If no, then you know where exactly is the wrong piece of code – after this current line and before the line when your latest “is it wrong?” test returned true. I may sound bold, but I’ll say that this is the most important skill in programming (and not only) ever: to be able to go back and trace the route of the problem. If you learn to do this, you will be able to solve any solvable problem.

6. Mind the names:
A code that uses meaningful variable names is so much better – at any time you read it you know what is happening – is there a product currently modified, is it an array of users, is it the ID of the logged in, or is it anything else. I am not talking about Hungarian notation – just use variable names which correspond to the subject they represent and show whether it’s in singular or plural form. Don’t use variable names like $rows, $row, $varArr etc. Instead of that use $products when you are working with products, use $user when you are working with a single user, use $is_logged or $isLogged when you need a boolean variable showing whether the user is logged in the system. Use names that matter and be consistent in that. You’ll thank yourself later for writing such code. Other developers will thank you too.

7. Reduce DB queries:
It’s a common sense, but how many developers really do it? How many of them spend hours improving some unimportant thing like moving a sizeof() out of a loop and at the same time send a DB query in the very same loop? DB queries are the most server power consuming task in many web applications. Here are several ways to reduce the number of queries in your code:

– Use joins and left joins.
– Use inner selects when joins and left joins won’t do the job.
– Use views and temporary tables.
– Sometimes you’ll need to check something for a number of records and the previous three solutions won’t work. Instead of running a query each time, isn’t it possible to run one query for collection A, one for collection B and then use a foreach loop in PHP to check the condition? Very often it is. Be creative.

Reducing the number of queries is vital for web applications that are going to be used by many users at the same time. Sometimes you may need to sacrifice code shortness for that. This will not make your code worse – you should give the things their correct priority.

Are you following any of these guidelines in your code now?

Advantages of Internet Marketing Over Traditional Marketing for Auto Dealers

The advent of the Internet has totally changed the way we communicate and how we research & buy products; its made shopping easy. Instead of going to different brick & mortar stores to purchase (often from the limited choices), one can browse through many websites quickly, right on their computer or cell phone. When it comes to shopping for automobiles, the first place potential buyers go is the Internet and then visit their local dealership.

To better understand the latest trends in online car shopper behavior, consider the following statistics:

According to PEW Research, almost three out of four U.S. adults use the Internet. It is an amazing resource for many people to do product research and purchase as it is a hassle-free approach to shopping.

More and more individuals are using the Internet to research vehicles. Almost 90 percent of consumers use the Internet to research vehicles – Capgemini Cars Online Study 2009/2010.

According to the J.D. Power and Associates, 68 percent of used-vehicle buyers and 77 percent of new-vehicle buyers use the Internet in their shopping process.

According to National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), nearly 90 percent of car buyers today are using the Internet to help make their purchasing decisions.

Investments have been steadily increasing over the past few years in Internet marketing. According to a survey from Autobytel, 93% of dealers have increased their Internet marketing budgets in the last five years – more than half (56%) have increased their Internet marketing budgets by 50% or more.

These numbers clearly show that its more important than ever for auto dealers to have an online presence. Despite this, some auto dealers still dedicate only a fraction of their advertising budgets to Internet marketing.

Advantages of Internet marketing over traditional marketing
A dealership that does not use Internet marketing is more likely to lose all these important prospective buyers. If you are one of them, consider the following reasons why you should choose Internet marketing over traditional marketing.

One-to-one approach
Using Internet marketing, a dealer can send marketing messages personally to the targeted user. When a prospective buyer browses through the Internet, he/she typically goes through the sites online and refers to the products and services offered. This enables him or her to communicate personally with the dealer. This way a dealer can maintain direct contact with prospective buyers.

Appeal to specific interests
Unlike traditional marketing, which reaches out to a broad demographic, Internet marketing appeals to specific target audience or interests of people. Dealers can post advertisements and boost their websites with full knowledge that the audience is interested in.

Improved Return on Investment (ROI)
Auto dealers spend hundreds (sometimes even thousands of dollars) on traditional advertising methods such as TV, radio, and print. They still do not have any precise way to measure whether their target audience is paying attention or not. When it comes to Internet marketing, a dealer can accurately target anaudience and measure the visitors without spending much. This means, a dealer can get improved ROI using Internet marketing. A survey from Autobytel shows that Internet has provided highest return on investment (ROI) for auto dealers over the last 5 years. Almost 8 in 10 (79.5%) of the survey respondents reported that Internet has been their highest ROI. In contrast, only 7.5% (TV), 6.5% (newspapers), and 2.5% (radio) of respondents ranked traditional media as first.

Cost effective
One of the best things about Internet marketing is that you dont need a large investment to get started. It is very economical and fast way to promote a dealership. This is not the case with traditional marketing, which is very expensive and takes more time to show results. When compared to the ratio of cost against the reach of the target audience, Internet marketing is many times inexpensive than the traditional marketing. With a small fraction of traditional marketing budget, a dealership can reach a wide audience.

24/7 advertising
A dealer can promote a vehicle or service 24 X 7 x 365 using Internet marketing, which is not possible in traditional marketing. The moment a dealer implements an Internet marketing campaign, the dealerships products or services will be on the air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This medium allows consumers to research and purchase products and services at their own convenience and comfort. This advantage of appealing to consumers can bring in quality results quickly.

Makes you go global
The main advantage of Internet marketing is its ability to make your dealership global. By advertising on the Internet, a dealership can capture the attention from people all over the world. Without any additional cost, a dealership can promote its products or services globally. Traditional marketing consumes a lot of time and is very expensive way to go global.

Geo targeting
Auto dealers can effectively leverage Internet marketing medium as it allows ads to be targeted very precisely to the search location – helps to target a specific geographical location. A dealer can target a specific city, state or a country. Though it has no geographical limits, a dealer can restrict services to certain locations.

Given the latest trends in car shopper behavior and advantages over the traditional media, it is essential for car dealers to re-evaluate their advertising strategies and focus more on Internet marketing.

Why Are Risk Assessments Important For The Construction Industry

The construction industry is an area that is full of potential risks and therefore a thorough risk assessment is essential for any project. The construction industry is one that has the potential for a wide range of health and safety issues to rear their head, and carrying out a risk assessment is one way to ensure that the chance of any incidents occurring is as small as possible, protecting everyone involved with the project.

Risk assessments not only involve identifying potential risks of a construction project but also weighting these against numerous other factors, including contractual obligations, financial constraints and the requirements of the proposed projects. It is important to consider the health and safety risks of a construction project in conjunction with these other factors and not as singular problems that are not affected by other aspects of the construction project, doing this could mean leaving yourself open to other risks you may not have initially considered or prepared for.

There are numerous qualified health and safety consultants that can be employed to carry out professional and thorough health, safety and risk assessments and have experience in a wide range of settings, including within the construction industry. Having an expert carry out a risk assessment on any construction project is imperative, especially as construction is often considered a high risk area, and these risk assessments can highlight issues that you may not have even considered could be a risk or potential problem, allowing you to prepare for potential problems and minimise the chance of them occurring.

Often to coincide with risk assessments many companies further this by employing the same companies to carry out air testing of the environment after project completion to ensure it meets and complies with UK building regulations. There are specialist risk assessments and air testing companies across the country that have experience in a number of fields including the construction industry. These often provide services locally, for example specialising in risk assessment in the Dorset area and air testing Bournemouth.

When undertaking any project, whether this is a construction project or any other one it is imperative to consult with experts and have a thorough and complete risk assessment carried out prior to starting. And by contacting the experts you can ensure that all the risk have been evaluated and health and safety measures have been put in place to reduce the risks to everyone involved.

How Outsourcing Content Projects & Software Development Helps Your Business

As Tom Peters, the American writer who has written extensively on business management practices says, “Do what you do best and outsource the rest!”. There is no harm in outsourcing. In fact, outsourcing is not a novice idea and there are lots of businesses that outsource more than one project. Outsourcing content projects is a common practice among many businesses. Most of them lack the core expertise that is required to handle content projects and this is why they prefer to get it done by experts. On the other hand, there are businesses that can’t handle software projects skillfully, and therefore, consider outsourcing software development to be a safer option.

How does outsourcing benefit your business?

While outsourcing is undeniably beneficial for your business, you need to know the exact benefits. Does it help you focus on the core activities or manage the risks better? Handing over the responsibility of some of the most financially rewarding projects to a third party is indeed a smart move for your business. But before you make that move, let’s take a look at the exact benefits of outsourcing.

Lets you focus on the core aspects There are several functions, which are not related to the core aspect of your business. The moment you start expanding your business, the workload of the non-core functions continue to increase. As a result of this, the core activities get neglected and the quality deteriorates. In a situation like this, outsourcing seems to be an easy solution. Since you transfer the responsibility of some of the projects to a third party company or an individual, your key resources can focus on the primary business tasks.

Allows access to skilled expertise One of the main reasons why businesses prefer to outsource some tasks is that they get access to skilled expertise. It may not always be possible for a business to hire employees for a particular skill set. Outsourcing seems to be the most feasible solution in a scenario like this. This allows you to get the job done by professionals, who are expert at handling it. This also saves you the hassles of hiring full time employees and training them for specific projects.

Enables better risk management The moment you outsource a project, you share the risks associated with the project with your outsourcing partner and thus, reduce the burden. By outsourcing a task to a company that is competent enough to handle that, you can rest assured of the quality of the task.

Lets you run your business 24X7 By outsourcing projects to a country like India that is in a different time zone, you can make use of all 24 hours. By the time your working hours are over, the Indian company with which you are working can take over and continue with the work. They can work on several critical tasks and make considerable progress by the time you get back to work the next day. This way, you can abide by the follow-the-sun working model. This also helps you focus on time and material development.

These are some of the ways in which outsourcing helps your business.

Crm In Sme – The Changing Scenario In India

CRM is one of the most exciting areas that organizations are looking at these days. We have seen a significant spurt in demand given the accelerated growth and competitive scenario emerging on the business landscape.

Let us look at THREE scenarios here which are clearly emerging in the Indian SME market from a CRM perspective,

First, standalone CRM solutions which many organizations are implementing. I am taking the example of a Brokerage House that has a Customer Service team and a Sales Organization. For a brokerage, the customer service team is the heart of their business as prospects and customers are constantly calling them with requests, issues, requirements, account set up and what have you. This internal Call Center has to be CRM enabled to manage this steady flow of telephone calls, emails and other contact points from their prospects and customers. Invariably their telephony systems have also to be integrated with the CRM. All elements of the Call center have to be truly integrated for seamless delivery of customer service. Likewise their sales team needs also to be tightly integrated in to manage leads allocated by the Call center. This could be within the CRM system or even via SMS to alert mobile sales persons of potential customers. Imagine the customer delight, if you log in your requirements and within minutes the appropriate sales person calls you to set up a meeting. Indian brokerages which are on a high growth path given booming stock markets have realized the importance of CRM systems that will truly drive their business growth. The need has got cemented with brokerages rapidly expanding across multiple locations and the need to manage remotely branch operations. Further many organizations which started small have grown exponentially in the last one year. We have seen the emergence of a high growth industry in the Financial Services business.

Secondly, more and more organizations are seeking end to end solutions with best of breed offerings. The classic example is of ERP integrated with CRM. This is increasingly seen as a trend in the Indian market now. By having this integrated solution, the sales, operations and finance organizations can work together as a team to manage their customers, deals, payments, receivables, inventories and orders. This can powerfully transform the way organizations are run and reduce lead times and improve information flow. This approach has to be taken by organizations seeking exponential growth in an economy where things are happening. Here again we are witness to a new trend that has emerged in the last 6 months or so across SME businesses. This seemed to have been a major requirement for larger organizations until sometime back. This again reflects the rapid growth potential seen by SMEs in India today. This technology driver has accentuated the need for employees to become more result oriented as well as increasingly accountable.

Thirdly, hosted offerings are here to stay for SMEs looking for CRM application. The trend we see is of relatively smaller SMEs adopting this approach quickly as this minimizes investments in hardware, trained technical manpower and infrastructure. It also helps them get off the ground rapidly. CRM is best suited for SaaS (Software as a Service) model given the fact that sales persons are generally on the move and can therefore work from any location as long as internet bandwidth is available. The other major driver of SaaS is the fact that organizations prefer to get started with vanilla applications which makes sure that they focus on user adoption in the initial phase. Further this model makes it easier for SMEs to decide if they wish to rent or buy as the on-premise should always exist in case organizations decide at some point in time to move the application in-house. Flexibility is a huge advantage from a deployment and investment perspective. Lead management, Sales force automation are the two major areas of CRM that are best enabled though the SaaS model.

Software website SEO – Powerful Strategy For Business

Search engine optimization is the most powerful tool for the online business or small business. It helps to make business powerful with the help of modern technology, unique contents, social media optimization, social media marketing, blogging and some social media sites.

Search engine optimization is the most powerful tool for the online business or small business. It helps to make business powerful with the help of modern technology, unique contents, social media optimization, social media marketing, blogging, some social media sites and social media optimization etc. This is highly beneficial for the business to get online presence and bring traffic to the website. It makes the traffic of the website and converts the visitors of the website into the customers of the website. If you have software companies then consult with a software website SEO to make this possible.

This service is highly powerful to make business boom and it works fine for the online business. This is really good for the business to get global presence and this takes some time to make this possible for the business. It makes the business so much powerful that it can help you a lot to develop your income. This is helpful for the online business to avail the service of the software website SEO and this makes your income increased. You can make your business website optimized with the help of proper keywords, search engine optimization and fresh content.

This service is indeed very much helpful for the online business to get optimized with the help of target audience. This service is really helpful for the business owners and this helps to get optimized in search engines. This is really helpful for the businesses to avail software website SEO with the help of original contents and this works fine it makes the companies helpful for the customers to avail more benefits. This way you can reach to your customer easily and convert them to purchase your goods or services soon. This helps business really to make its sale boost.

This process makes the business powerful with original content, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, blog, social media optimization and other useful thing that can make business boom. This can make the customers helpful for getting the useful information about the companies and this works good while making online sales of the products or services.

About Author

Thomas Lenarz has been a popular online marketing expert who has deep knowledge about some top notch Web Design and Development Companies. As of now, Thomas Lenarz has helped many people get the information on reputed SEO companies.For more information please visit here, Best Software Website SEO.

Lead Management Avoding The 5 Mistakes That Lose Sales

In today’s business climate it’s no secret for the need of a strong customer base and to keep attracting new ones. Yes, we all want more customers with less leads. This is a strategy that greatly improves your profit and saves your company from throwing away money for marketing. Bringing in customers with less leads is key in this climate. Companies are throwing away opportunities every day. If you want to win more deals its important to use proper sales management to increase your sales numbers! It’s important to fix these gaps in your sales process to put you on top!

Here are 5 common lead management mistakes that should be fixed to increase sales performance:

1. Email Doesn’t = CRM Software

This is unquestionably the top killer of sales leads. Email is a communication tool. Meant for short-term discussions or collaborations, not sales account management. It is not a tool to build sales relationships, with hundreds of clients, over numerous years.

Fact: the human brain can only manage so much information.

Your attempts at remembering to follow-up and diligently stay on top of hundreds of prospects and customers is a guaranteed failure. Real sales performance needs a system that will routinely automate some contacts and remind you to reach out personally on a regular basis.

2. One Call Close are Unlikely

It is certainly the stuff of sales legend, that Boiler Room like close. The real sales pro’s understand that this ranks up with winning the lottery. So, if you hit it be happy, but don’t expect to pay your bills and feed yourself playing that game.

This is why a disciplined process of following up, on all prospects, is critical to success. Industry surveys show that the average lead takes a minimum of 5-7 contacts to close and generally requires 30-60 days. So, don’t get frustrated and toss out that two week old lead–nurture it.

3. Stop Picking Threw Leads

The Call of the Wild fouls this one up too, our primal nature lures us to the biggest fish (whale) of the freshest meat (new lead). Two notoriously bad choices.

We can’t pick the right leads! We invariably gravitate to our biases, which is typically counter productive to our sales numbers.

Grabbing for the brass ring (tackling only the biggest accounts or loan amounts) and neglecting the opportunity to land a few small ones along the way, is the perfect example. Your sales management system should help you create an ideal lead profile for each of your sales agents. You will be amazed at how different your “perfect lead” looks from your “preferred lead.”

4. Start to Value Your Leads

Are you trashing valuable non-responsive customers? More so than ever, leads need to be effectively nurtured. Challenging economic conditions slows everyone’s buying decisions. Stay top of mind, so you will be first in mind when the pain or the need becomes right for the big buy.

This doesn’t mean just throwing all your old leads into the autoresponder. Smart sales people build a detailed follow-up plan that includes email, mail, and telephone. And don’t forget the value at each of those touch points–an interesting article or report, an example of success, or best practices session.

5. Get to the Next Lead!

Sales usually always comes down to the numbers.

How many times do we spend too much time organizing or getting ready to do something? The best strategy in most cases is to do as my Dad was found of saying, “Do something, even if it’s wrong.”

Simply getting onto the next lead will produce more sales than any other strategy. Get To Your Leads Now!

Current Hospital Management Issues In The Us

In the health care industry, hospital management has emerged as one of the most important areas within the industry because, as a discipline, it integrates medical, practical, social, and economic factors in ensuring the smooth and effective management of hospitals as the main sources of health care provision and services. According to the American Hospital Association (AHA), there are currently 5,708 registered hospitals throughout the US servicing over 37 million patients in a single year. The logistic requirements of overseeing such a huge sector of the health care industry require expert and professional management.

In addition, the AHA official guide to hospital listing requirements, it states that there must be a chief executive responsible for overseeing hospital operations in accordance with established policy. In this light, it is clear that ensuring the smooth delivery of services to patients entails proper hospital management.

As a discipline, hospital management has faced growing demands for high quality medical care and services, as well as facilities where these shall be undertaken. Hospital management serves as the direct link between healthcare facilities and the practitioners, staff, and companies providing the services and products needed to ensure smooth operation. As a highly demanding field, hospital management has faced several issues in the past. The ongoing search for solutions to improve the delivery of superior services to patients is a challenging and difficult task, especially when one considers the major issues involved.

Financial constraints
With the economic downturn currently being felt across US industries, hospital management is also reeling from its effects. In fact, according to American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) annual survey regarding issues faced by managers, financial problem is the top issue in hospital management today. Problems such as increased operational costs, the demand for more affordable services, and the like have seriously effected hospital management in unprecedented ways.

Ensuring patient safety and service quality
Despite the financial considerations, a hospital manager must still ensure that the institution is capable of providing superior services to its patients. This aspect requires continuously identifying, conceptualizing, and implementing systems designed to ensure patient safety and service quality. For example, given the drastic limitations in budget, the dilemma is to provide the same level of service quality and patient safety and security at a lesser cost to the hospital.

Employee Satisfaction
Apart from the above, third on the list is maintaining employee satisfaction. Given that hospital personnel are on the frontline of service provision, a hospital manager must keep the employees satisfied and motivate them to produce good work. This area requires a review of stress-inducing factors that heighten employee dissatisfaction. Steps must also be taken to address the issue of lack of control over ones duties and work schedules as well as the lack of access to the decision making process involving hospital personnel.

An effective hospital management system is one that expertly integrates various factorseconomic, financial, social, and professional considerationsto maintain the quality of service and ensure the overall safety and security of its patients. In order to improve an existing management system, these important factors must be considered and ultimately, be addressed.