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How To Start A Day Trading Business-seven Steps To Day Trading Profit

Before everything else, what exactly is day trading? As per Wikipedias definition, Daytrading represents the practice of selling and buying financial instruments (such as stocks, futures, options, etc.) as a way to generate a return within the same trading day. Traders that practice day trading are called active traders or day traders.

Day trading, like any other business professions, needs serious education, quality planning, and plenty of practice. Numerous beginners enter the daytrading business each day in hope of making quick cash. But just a few of those who get properly educated, possess a good trading plan and self-control can survive and thrive in the business. Many of them make lots of money every day trading only for a couple of hours, and spend the remainder of their days freely with their family and friends, doing whatever they love to do.

But how to become a good day trader and make real money in the market? Lets take a look at the idea:

Step 1. We need to give ourselves a thorough education on the financial market. We should find out what financial instruments can be found in the market, and what instruments go well with our day traders best. Next we need to familiarize ourselves with the various day trading strategies and try to find one that fits us the best. Search engines including Google and Yahoo are great places to find day trading courses and strategies. We’ll need to carry out our in depth analysis and utilize our own judgment to find the right one that fits us most. We should also equip ourselves with the trading tools such as market research tools, realtime trading software, and find and sign-up with a trustful discount broker.

Step 2. Once we have determined our trading strategy, the next task is to write up a trading plan. Yes, we should put our trading plan in paper. Within this trading plan, we will outline our mission statement-what we wish to achieve in day trading? What are our short term and long-term objectives? Do we want to get a little extra income aside from our regular job, or will we wish to turn into financially independent by doing day trading? We will also want to prepare an in depth plan on our daily trading activities that include pre-market research, our entry and exit strategy, and our after-market groundwork.

Step 3. Set up an account for paper trading. Once we have written up our trading plan, we are set out to test the water by paper trading or carrying out trading simulation. This is very essential as we do not wish to risk our real money before we’re comfortable with the game. There are lots of trading simulation software readily available for free on the market and we may also check out with our broker to see if they provide a real-time trading simulation platform. When doing simulation, attempt to consider ourselves as trading with our real money and act according to our trading plans.

Step 4. Set a daily limit, both for profit and for loss. After we have built up self-confidence in day trading, we try to trade once or twice a week with real money. It is very important set a daily limit for both profit and loss. For example, we can set a daily profit target at $200, and a loss limit of $100. Once we have reached either limit, we should stop trading. Turn off your computer, go out and take a walk or have a cup of tea. Never over-trade.

Step 5. Have a good money management system in place. Before we enter each trade, we ought to evaluate our worst case scenario. How much money we can afford to lose in each trade we enter if we happen to lose in every single trade we made for the day? Knowing our maximum affordable loss for each trade is important as we will deliberately limit our size of entry and set up our stop loss even before our trade. This can prevent us from losing big and keep us in the game.

Step 6. Fix our emotion issues through writing trade logs. For day traders, keeping our emotions in check is a big challenge and need much disciple and exercise. Every day, we may be distracted by numerous emotions such as fear, pride, ego, etc. These emotions may prevent us from following our trading plans and eventually deteriorate our confidence. An effective way to fix this issue is to write trade logs regularly on a daily basis. When writing logs, we will analyze each trading action and record the actual logic or emotion behind trade. When we see ourselves fall in the trap of emotions, we will remind ourselves not to make the same mistake the next time. By practicing this plenty of time, we will train our mind to follow the logic and keep our emotions in check.

Step 7. Reward ourselves when we abide by our rules. Whenever we follow our strategy or trading plan to the letter, regardless of a winning or a losing trade, we need to give ourselves a big pat on the back, because we have conquered our emotions and made a big leap toward day trading success and financial freedom. When we have achieved our short term target, we should not forget to reward ourselves for the hard work and achievement. Be it a trip to Las Vegas or a cool iPad, put this in our trading plan as it will motivate us to achieve our goal. In the end, we deserve it anyway.

How To Build Stock Footage Library Business

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an established production company, selling video footage online involves the same principles:
Pick the business model you are comfortable with
Acquire great stock
Use proven footage library software solutions.
Give the buyer more than they expect.
Later, you can expand your business model or launch new brands to cater for different market sectors. But the business is tough enough – so start with what you know and what you are comfortable with.

Standard library business models.
The standard business models, whether its image, motion, music etc are as follows.
Niche / Specialist
Within each of these business models you have a choice of how you acquire and market the product. Putting acquistion aside for the moment you can sell product
Royalty free
Rights Managed
Simple licence
Rights managed and royalty free footage and video.
Rights management for footage libraries is still evolving and, so far, it is less complex than rights management for Image libraries.
However, rights management calculations can be different for each footage library – it’s one way of keeping your competitive edge.
Market Positioning
Once you have decided on the business model and licensing type you then need to work out your market position. For example, in the race to establish market dominance several business models are being tried. Most follow the image library business models; so to sell video online in volume, companies are following the “microsite” model pioneered three years ago by – who later morphed their model to was purchased by industry leader after Istock came out of nowhere in 2006 taking all of Getty’s and Corbis traffic and changing the world as they knew it.

The lesson to be learned, if you want to sell low cost video online via the microsite business model, are that you’ll need:
Many thousands of
Good quality video clips
Ready for sale
At low cost
So how do you achieve this? Most businesses will use one or more of the following
Co-distribution deals with other video libraries or content owners
Buy content from video libraries or content owners
Split commission with User Generated Content (U.G.C.) providors.
Once you have decided that microsite is the route for you, you’ll need microsite footage library software; you may need an API module plug-in for shared or co-distribution and you may want a UGC module too. Depending on your planned business size there are 2 flavours of UGC – UGC lite if you have a single editor or an enterprise version for several editors to review new content simultaneously.
So what features should a good footage library possess?

Additional e-marketing features
Admin generated discount codes for fixed amounts or percentages
Admin restriction of publishing privileges
Advanced integrated SEO tools
Advanced search for keywords
Add metadata to clips or to a category of clips
Preview pages
Automatic extract/upload IPTC data
Batch upload entire categories
Browser based admin – monitor your library with easy
Clip bin
CMS integration
Complete content management system
Corporate account financial management
Corporate accounts with credit limits, automatic invoicing and statements
Credit card payment
Display multi-media content – video, audio, images
Dynamic registration system – user profile updates
Dynamic DVD management
End-users can select the number of Images displayed per page
FTP upload
Full user guide and support available
Generate and print customizable sales reports on the fly
Global pricing – set standard pricing across an entire category
Hosted under your own domain name
Hyperlinked keywords – allows keyword search with one click
Import embedded metadata to create hyperlinked field search
Instant digital downloads – fully automatic if enabled
Integration with existing website
Intelligent search engine
Invoice feature which allows admin or end users to print out Invoices
Keyword search logs display searched keywords and frequency
Latest updates desk
Locality recognition to set pricing
Lost password facility
Measure clip popularity/ user behavior
Meta tag management, clip, page and category
Multi-lingual editions
My account – full user purchase history
New User account sign up
One click database output for advertising in online portals
Optional advanced campaign management plug in
Reporting and statistics
Royalty Free pricing
*RSS photo feeds
Send Invoice to customer and admin upon order completion
Send media to a Friend or send an entire clip bin
Support for GBP, USD and EUR currencies
Supports PayPal, Protx and WorldPay payment gateways
Unique Design and Development
Unlimited product types can be created
Unlimited users/flexible access rights
Upload from DVD or hard drive
Use as standalone business website
Various file formats
Windows, Mac, Linux compatible
Add metadata to clips or to a category of clips
Additional e-marketing features
Admin generated discount codes for fixed amounts or percentages
Admin restriction of publishing privileges

timesheet management

Web Time Clock”>Managing employee time is major concern to modern business world. In the past, there were several disconnected components in time tracking, and an effective centralization of accumulated time data was a mess. With technological advances, today’s business has effective centralized tracking employee time system, which is a combination of hardware and software facilities. Time tracking now means keeping log of all big and small actions and assignments completed in any given periods of time. Time tracking automatically reduces overhead in other areas like payroll, processing or tracking employee productivity. A fully equipped time tracking software allows an employer to monitor the activities of employees on different projects. A software solution (like the one from designed for tracking employee time allows you accurately record billable hours and make necessary modifications in workflow for greater productivity. Employee time tracking and management software has different applications. If you hire out employees to a third party and bills the party based on human hours spent, you can give make accurate bills by reporting the human hours. Many businesses have special requirements in the area of security. There is employee tracking software available that has the capability of fingerprint verification. This feature helps an employer make sure that a staff member is actually on site when they log in. While these systems can be more expensive than other types of employee time tracking software, they provide important security confidence. Such applications work very simply. Rather than a password, staff members can only log in by fingerprint. The log in procedure involves an employee entering their username, followed by a fingerprint rather than a password. Special readers are generally attached to each personal computer using a USB connection and additional software is needed as well. If not all employees are required to use this extra security measure, these systems can generally be designed to accommodate that. One fingerprint reader can often be used to log in more than one staff member.

A number of other issues can also be addressed by employee tracking software. When employers wish to monitor the work activity of staff members, these programs can help them do this without the employee’s knowledge. Some applications will take random screenshots of the computer screens of staff members. These screenshots can either be saved or they can be viewed by managers using computers at another location and can be viewed in real time. The programs that staff members are using can be monitored as well. Some applications can generate automatic reports on all employees, or just a single worker. Key stroke recording is another valuable feature. Every key that a staff member presses can be logged for future examination, or can be seen in real time as well. Even the files and folders that workers open can be detected and monitored. If a particular staff member has a weakness for instant message chatting that is not related to the work environment, these chats can be recorded and monitored.

Web Time Clock

Hydroelectric Energy

Hydroelectric energyis within laymen’s terms what it really seems like,hydroelectric energycreated from waterparticularly moving water. Presently, hydroelectricity is undoubtedly typically the most popular type of alternative energy, and supplies between 15-20% from the world’s electricity. Generally,hydroelectric energyoriginates from the possibility energy of dammed water. The dammed water drives a water turbine and generator, which in turn converts the energy into electricity.

What is Hydroelectric Energy

Hydroelectricity Energy is most generally created by using dams,However particularly in places that you will find large flowing rivers and ponds to attract water from. Because of this, places like Canada, with large, intricate waterway systems make the most of this kind of energy. Furthermore they energy residential areas, however they may also actually energy energy-intensive industries like aluminum smelting along with other industrial activities.

Hydroelectricity Energy can also be fairly clean.Although fossil fuel is consumed in the making of the dam, there are virtually no carbon pollutants past the dam’s initial construction in non-tropical regions. Exactly the same isn’t true for tropical regions; however, as hydroelectric energy plants happen to be observed to create considerable amounts of methane and co2 when the surrounding forest isn’t removed.

This really is because of the truth that plant-existence decays within the flooded areas in an alarming rate, creating methane, in addition to more compact levels of co2. Out of the box also reiterated below, positioning is essential if this involves creating a hydroelectric dam.

Regrettably, hydroelectricity energy is certainly not without its problems. Planning hydroelectric energy projects frequently overlooks the harm to marine habitats and environments also to the nearby indigenous towns, and also requires relocating whenever a dam is made because of flooding within their towns.

This kind of callousness is exactly what rapidly becomes problematic with dams. Organizers need to be especially careful when directing river ways to be able to prevent any harsh long-term effects on individuals that rely on water, whether human or animal, also to conserve historic monuments along with other sites of cultural significance.

For example, while dams may be used to prevent flooding when water levels rise beyond normal levels, in the region around Burns Lake, Bc, Canada, a whole village was instructed to relocate because of flooding from the making of a dam.

Hydroelectric Energy doesn’t pollute water or even the air

However, hydroelectric energy facilities might have large environment impacts by altering the atmosphere and affecting land use, houses, and natural settings within the dam area.

Most hydroelectric energy plants possess a dam along with a reservoir

These structures may obstruct seafood migration and affect their populations. Operating ahydroelectric energyplant could also alter the temperature of water and also the river’s flow. These changes may harm native plants and creatures within the river as well as on land. Tanks may cover individual’s houses, important natural areas, farming land, and ancient sites. So building dams can require moving people. Methane, a powerful green house gas, could also form in certain tanks and become released towards the atmosphere.

How A Brand Strategy Can Help Your Business Grow

Brand is nothing but thoughts and association in the mind of the customers. A brand belongs with the customers and not in the board room so it is more important to understand who our customers are and what they want from the brand. Customer choice has the power which has made brands like football and Amitabh Bachchan.

Therefore if you think about a successful brand, few other related things will also come to mind along with the brand name like, associated colour, person, quality etc. All the successful brands display few common characteristics which have made them so big.

Standing brands are true to the core, knowing who they are and displaying their real characteristics. They are distinctive and brilliant in they own field and stand out of the crowd. Such brands are evocative thereby generate emotions and feelings among the customers. These companies retain authenticity and creativity, and keep surprising their customers. Not only this, they are champions in their industry, become leaders and not followers and create opinions. They know how to engage their staff and customers.

But such an achievement is not an overnight task. You have to be ready with a complete brand strategy to make your business a true brand. Brand strategy is a continuous effort to build a brands perceived value. To build a strategy which will take your brand to a desired value will need a lot of research and planning.

Research has to be external as well internal. You need to look within before you look outside your company. Talk to your staff and stakeholders to understand what they perceive from your brand and how they think it can be improved. Study of customer trends, profiles and behaviour is also important to understand the changes and foresee the upcoming trends.

Once you do the internal review look around and talk to your customers. Try to take customer feedback to learn what you lack and what does your customer actually want. Understanding brand awareness, your customer perception, buying reasons and purchase behaviour are necessary too. This will give idea of where you are and how do you need to strategies.

Competitor analysis and research is another essential element that cannot be neglected. You should be aware of your competitors and their capabilities. Know your competitors; learn about their concepts, their touch points and their unique selling proposition. This analysis will give you a head start since you will be aware of the areas where you have to emphasise more and have idea of creating a distinctive image in the market which has multiple players.

Once all necessary research work is done you are ready to step into the next level; that is to strategies a plan that will take the brand to desired position. The crucial thing at this stage is to ensure that you engage your team at all levels to highlight your unique personality and determine your position. This will highlight your company values, beliefs and characteristics. Determining position in the market is important as you will define your target group and segment. Before you enter a market you should know your audience, then only you can focus on what they want and not what you want to sell.

Once you determine your position and personality it is easy to communicate to your audience with the right message. You can also use your experience and customer feedback to create an emotional appeal.

The next step is to put the plan into action and work towards nurturing your brand. Improve brand experience by developing good culture using creativity and initiating activities which are brand focused and integrated with the brand.

Other elements which move around your brand like brand management and control system should not be neglected as these are those factors which work towards the maintenance of the brand and are not noticed if they are performed well. But once these elements are neglected, brand health will start deteriorating.

Therefore brand strategy is a long and continuous process which involves important decision making in order to take the brand from perceived level to desired level. A lot can be learned from stable brands since they have struggled hard to create an image and sustained against all the competitors in the market.

Buy Books Online Mumbai Online Book Store Mumbai Discount Book Sales Mumbai

There are hundreds of reasons to opt for ordering books online, first and foremost is the availability, second the cost and the third would be the speed at which it reaches your desk. How do we figure out the best places to shop for books online?

The best place to buy a book is where you get all the three at super speed. After a tough day in college or office we have hardly some time which cannot go waste. Living in a metro like Mumbai and understanding the fast life and huge traffic, searching for a book is just next to impossible. You can now buy books online Mumbai where you save your time, your money and get the book of your choice in just two days. Online books store Mumbai gives you great discount, immediate delivery and never says NO STOCK. Avail Discount book sales Mumbai for the best possible discounts and enjoy reading and save your precious time. Book shopping is now at ease and comfort with best possible payment options and great discounts which make it more exciting than before.

There are hundreds of reasons to opt for ordering books online, first and foremost is the availability, second the cost and the third would be the speed at which it reaches your desk. How do we figure out the best places to shop for books online?

The best place to buy a book is where you get all the three at super speed. After a tough day in college or office we have hardly some time which cannot go waste. Living in a metro like Mumbai and understanding the fast life and huge traffic, searching for a book is just next to impossible. You can now buy books online Mumbai where you save your time, your money and get the book of your choice in just two days. Online books store Mumbai gives you great discount, immediate delivery and never says NO STOCK. Avail Discount book sales Mumbai for the best possible discounts and enjoy reading and save your precious time. Book shopping is now at ease and comfort with best possible payment options and great discounts which make it more exciting than before.

Tips for online book shopping:
1)Have the complete name of the book and author with the edition and year it was published. ISBN number makes it still faster.
2)Make sure you look at the cost and also avail for discounts before payment.
3)Confirm your mailing address and free shipping as well.

Enjoy shopping !!!!!!

Integrated Management Systems – Advantages To Integrate High Quality, Ohs And Ems

The actual Integrated Management Systems (IMS) has become a hot theme not only among manufacturing corporations but also amongst numerous service institutions for example construction. The main reason for this trend is because of the growing quantity of management systems or standards which are implemented globally. IMS needs the amalgamation of numerous individual management systems for example AS/NZS ISO 9001, AS/NZS ISO 14001, AS/NZS 4801 and several more. Therefore, the main objective of an IMS is always to manage an organisation by way of a single harmonized management system rather than numerous management systems.

The thought of IMS became very related with the introduction and execution of ISO 14001 which envisaged integrated organizational method (or systems method) to environmental sustainability. In the same way, IMS has become a lot more important with the introduction of many standards. As much more and a lot more management systems are obtainable today, it is important for any organization to perform towards a harmonized, easy and simply implementable IMS.

It is really likely that any business implementing AS/NZS ISO 14001 (or the environmental management program), has a high quality management method (such asISO 9001) currently in location. Today, not just consumers but also regulatory authorities insist that the suppliers or service organizations (for example construction organisations) should implement AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems (QMS) whilst moving towards ISO 14001.

When a person closely examine the AS/NZS ISO 9001, AS/NZS ISO 14001 and AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Well being &Safety (OHS), he/she would discover that each one of these systems have many common processes and procedures. Also, its essential to note that there are no ISO standards for OHS. However, implementation OHS or adhering to OHS requirements in an organization may be easy if it has the QMS and EMS accreditation currently in spot.

Why any business seeks for IMS ?

In order to preserve or satisfy clients, several institutions mandate its suppliers or service providers (for example construction contractors) developing and implementing their own quality, OHS and environmental management systems.

To overcome trade barriers, many institutions or construction companies (operating in global markets like USA, EU, and Australasia) adapt and implement ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations. Such accreditations not just enhance the image of any organization globally as quality and environmentally conscious organization but in addition such an organization is readily accepted by consumers in the global markets.

Cost reduction by way of lower insurance payments: – Many corporations that have implemented AS/NZS ISO 14001 and AS/NZS 4801 can be eligible for reduced Insurance premium offered by insurance companies. The organisations for example construction businesses which are operating in highly risky and constantly changing work environment may be able to get appreciable benefit by way of IMS which comprised of AS/NZS ISO 9001, AS/NZS ISO 14001 and AS/NZS 4801.

It demonstrates not merely their commitment to top quality and also its adherence to processes and procedures required for the safety of the workers at the work place including the environment.

To boost the effectiveness of the QMS, EMS and OHS,
To demonstrate the sensitiveness to the environment and commitment to safety by doing the right thing at the first time, as described in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AS/NZS 4801.
To reduce the manufacturing and operating costs and enhance Return on Investment (ROI) through implementation of QMS, EMS and OHS

Aside from above, any business can get a higher ROI by way of IMS which uses the advantage of similarities of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AS/NZS 4801. Also, it can minimize ambiguities and confusion amongst employees when implementing the QMS, EMS and OHS associated standards.

Latest statistics reveal that several institutions have successfully integrated partially or fully all the management systems. For example, automotive, electronics, steel, chemical and service (construction industry) industries have proven the effectiveness of IMS via improved ROI. Basically, they were capable to decrease operating costs, time required to implement the processes, complexity (or ambiguity) of the management systems, through IMS. Similarly, such companies were able to have higher employee satisfaction and moral by way of integrated or simplified strategy to defining function instructions or job descriptions and tasks or performance standards.

There are a number of rewards could be derived via implementation of an IMS in an organization:

Since QMS, EMS and OHS has similarities, all three can be simply combined to have common organizational goals and objectives;
Can have a harmonized and simplified management program in the organization; in essence, workers or staff can be provided with one set of clear instructions rather than multiple instructions that can lead to confusion and conflicts. Therefore, much documentation and reporting on each system can be minimized.
The training of employees can be streamlined under single system rather than multiple training required under a number of systems.
Optimum use of resources resulting from maintaining a single process for all activities required under IMS. In other words, staff training, document control, management review, corrective and preventive actions need only less time and effort compared to implementing multiple management systems.
Can enhance organizational performance in terms of reduced customer complaints, product non-conformities, accident, wellness and environmental related risks; similarly, it can reduce top quality related risks or issues as well.
It helps the organization to combine high quality, environmental and OHS objectives into the overarching corporate strategy.
It emphasise the top management and the staff at all levels to consider top quality, environment and safety with equal priority.
It puts in place a broad agenda for continual improvement of top quality, environmental and OHS systems.

In summing up, one can conclude that Integrated Management Method will allow any construction organization (or any other) to combine quality (AS/NZS ISO 9001), Environment (AS/NZS ISO14001) and Wellness and Safety (AS/NZS 4801) into a single management system. It will not just make the organization effective in terms of compliance on high quality, environmental and wellness & safety but additionally be able to improve its efficiency and productivity resulting in higher ROI.

Prince2 Vs Pmbok

One key criticism with PMBOK is it indirectly provides an image of the project manager as a superman/superwoman. This may be the case for construction projects (PMBOKs origins is in the construction industry) but for business type projects such as projects with IT based solutions our experience is that the functional and/or financial authority to make key decisions is actually with senior management and not the project manager.

Project managers also need advice and guidance from senior management and it is them that are best placed to make the key decisions. In PRINCE2 the responsibility for the project is with senior management both customer and supplier. But this does not mean that Senior Management need to get involved in a project on a day to day basis, as PRINCE2 makes use of management by exception tools.

One key criticism of PRINCE2 is that it misses the importance of the soft skills needed by a project manager and is light in the knowledge areas such as scope management & contract management and others which PMBOK provides guidance on.

The recent spread of PRINCE2 across the world (and there are predictions PRINCE2 will easily surpass the number of PMBOK qualified people within the next few years), is because PRINCE2 provides a SINGLE STANDARD APPROACH for the management of a project, whereas PMBOK gives each project manager the freedom to decide on their approach. Many government and global organizations have preference for a single standard approach to be used for all their projects and are adopting PRINCE2 as a result. The other advantage is that people with limited experience can use PRINCE2 whereas PMBOK requires a level of experience to apply its knowledge areas appropriately.

In summary, in addition to other required competencies a skilled project manager is one that has the ability to apply the guidance of PMBOK with the assistance of PRINCE2. A highly skilled project manager also has the know how to apply PMBOK & PRINCE2 appropriate to the risk, complexity and nature of the project but can also adapt it for those fast moving projects. Development of this competency comes with experience.

Crmo Frame, Steel Bike Frame And Steel Lug Frame Supplier Things To Look For

Before buying a bicycle frame, you should think about what type of riding you plan to do and your physical statistics. By considering these factors when choosing a steel bike, you can ensure that its frame has a long life. If you are into mountain biking, then you should go for a mountain bike frame which also works for off-road riding. For road biking, a lighter and slimmer steel bike frame will do while a hybrid bicycle frame falls in between these two. Get the right size of frame. For a road bike, measure the length of your leg and subtract 9 from that. For a mountain bike frame, subtract 12. Depending on whether you are interested in racing or riding for the fun of it, select the frame since racing bike frames have different geometry which is less comfortable.

If you are into selling bicycles, then you should bear some points in mind when selecting the supplier, especially the manufacturer of the steel bike frame. A bike is basically composed of the frame. When you are selecting the frame, you should look for the five aspects of frame construction. Material density and stiffness of the material used in the bike frame will decide the heaviness of the bike and its comfort during the ride. The yield strength and elongation of the frame will decide how well it responds to a crash. The fatigue and endurance limits of the frame will decide how much wear and tear the frame can take before it breaks down.

We will see the three types of bike frame materials. The first is the steel frame bicycle. Steel is a heavy material and not too stiff. This makes for a smoother ride. It is not easily deformed. A steel bike frame is rigid and durable and light in weight. It has infinite fatigue and endurance limits. The Crmo frame is made from steel alloy. It is composed of steel, chromium and molybdenum. Cr-mo frame has greater strength than steel bike frame. The steel lug frame is made up of steel tubing and lugs which form the sockets. The lugs are the preferred way of assembling the steel frame bicycle. The lugs help by increasing the strength of the joint.

Taiwans OEM/ODM manufacturers are especially strict on the examination of the steel bike frame. Hence, ensure that the steel bike frame manufacturer has proof that the frame has passed the tests. Every frame needs to qualify the internationally applicable ISO 4210 standard. The first test is the fatigue test which gives quality assurance that the frame can withstand load. The first is the load caused due to powerful long distance cycling. The second is the load exerted by heavy riders onto the frame. The third is the load that is exerted by jumps, obstacles and braking on the frame.

The second test for the steel bike frame is the maximum load test which states that the frame should not fracture when the bike is loaded with the maximum weight that it states it can take. In fact the third test is the overload test which states that the frame should have some residual load bearing capacity. The last test is the rigidity test which helps to reveal if there is any internal damage in the frame that is not visible on the surface.

All the above mentioned criteria are qualitative ones. The other criteria you should look for when selecting an ODM_OEM manufacturer and exporter are: prices, after sales maintenance, reputation of the supplier, and the variety of frame materials you can choose from.

Sales Jokes In Sales Meetings A Sales Must

You’re not alone, because the fact is the often info-laden seminars that are constructed for the benefit of employees and those in the business are void of any sales jokes. Why are jokes about sales so important to include? Because they involve the audience at another level of interaction, they create a comfortable environment and successfully engage the audience in its totality. Sales jokes, especially sales training jokes are crucial to presentations and seminars – especially if you are the one conducting the session.

The responsibility is immense, employee satisfaction and general morale comes down to the office environment and the content of their job and duties. The work experience they encounter will be one of amusement and inspiration. Building energy in the room can be difficult; however sales jokes can alleviate the dullness and arduousness of the situation by creating a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere. One of the most important issues to address is ‘questions’.

For those new and lacking in knowledge about the sales industry, questions are critical to their understanding and help in building work relationships with other employees and seniors. As such sales jokes allows for a more relaxed environment where they feel comfortable and at ease to ask questions that will indubitably increase their performance within the office and increase profitability and profile for the business.

There really is nothing worse than sitting through an important sales meeting and finding it hard to stay awake and stay involved. Jokes about sales can make the difference! It offers humour and fun in a business environment. Adult sales jokes can be a risk and before using these in a sales meeting or presentation session make sure you know your audience well. It is inappropriate to use adult sales jokes or sexist jokes in mixed audience situation.

In today’s politically correct society and particularly in the work environment, or in any public presentation there can be severe repercussions if adult sales jokes cause offense to your staff or audience. The reality is that not everyone has the same sense of humour and causing offense will immediately disengage the audience or cause emotional stress in individual staff members. Jokes on sales should be fairly generic and funny! They should also be shared amongst all staff rather than creating a sense of isolation in one or more of the company’s departments.

If all staff are included in shared jokes you will find that the overall team spirit within the organization as well as productivity will increase. Without a shared team spirit, staff members often work alone and at their own pace as there is little desire of supporting fellow team mates in achieving their sales goals and targets. Therefore introducing humour through sales meeting jokes will improve the company turn over.